Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Enchantress Turns 21

The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his 21st year.
If he could learn to love another, and earn her love in return,
By the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken.
If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time.
As the years passed, he fell into despair, and lost all hope.
For who could ever learn to love a Beast?

~The Prologue from Beauty and the Beast

Twenty-one is a special birthday. The Beast had to learn to love Belle before his twenty-first birthday.

In any case, I have a custom of hosting a Masquerade Ball on my birthday. I have done so for the past three years.

Masquerade 2006
Masquerade 2007
Masquerade 2008

And now it is time for Masquerade 2009...because I am 21.

The rules are very simple: All you have to do is imagine. Dress yourself in silk and leather, velvet and crystal, capes or plastic, whatever you desire. Choose a moniker or handle that is different from your regular one (so as an anonymous commenter, but with a clever title- this is your chance to be a lord or lady), tell me what your costume is and please explain the gift you wish to offer me. It can be anything, from the brush of a butterfly's wings against my skin to the smile of a child to a rope of Swarovski crystals. I, of course, have decided to host this ball within my elaborate castle, which is decorated in the gothic style. The windows are all made of stained glass and golden torches line the brackets on the walls, which are made of stone. My castle is set in the midst of an enchanted forest; swan boats convey us across the moat and inside the place where only joy can enter.

Of course, you must come back tomorrow for the Unmasking. Traditionally, I try to guess who you are (if you are a frequent commenter) and otherwise you shall have to help me. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

i come with a large black garbage bag on my torso, a potato chips bag on my face, and stilettos boots. and now that you're i offer... you dont want me to go their

Toviah said...

Happy Birthday Chana!

Anonymous said...

and now that you're 21

bow of light said...

i come half masked
the lee-side is, of course, blank white.
but the light is where the sun shines-- on only one side

my gift, I present the side of light. For the dark side I will tuck away. I, in addition, present you with a response of my seven year old sister when I told her I was tricking her, "No you're not, cuz then Moshiach won't come!"

Amen to the highest truth.

bowing away.

Anonymous said...

*smash* I enter in a fury, and with a glistening silver sword cut your reins and offer you freedom.

but will you take it?

shadchan said...

My hands are cupped. You know who I am, I need not disguise or disrobe.

In my hands is a dancing glow--

I present you with the other half of your soul.

ahh, but like the snitch (of quidditch) as I open my palms it zigzags away!

You saw the glow! Now catch that spark!

shadchan's cronie said...

amen! this year!

Anonymous said...

I come in a jacket and tie, nicely cleaned and pressed. I invite you to the bar and buy you a drink -- legally, for the first time.

You taste it and spit it out. Most alcoholic beverages taste awful! But they make us feel good. Too good, for some.

Happy birthday, Chana!

Hedwig said...

Dressed in my uniform,
Holding out the pen
Show me your id
And you can take it to your den.

What, too young?
Sorry, I’ll have to come back.
You say your 21?
Wow, we can use FedEx again.

Your Secret Bochur said...

I walk briskly, peyos swinging, my black hat tipped over my face.

We're so different, yet so alike.

Will you marry me?

Happy birthday, Chana.

Anonymous said...

Happy 21 st Birthday o milady!
At the beginning I'm a magic poof, a white smoke... And then I turn into someone people want to have around. I'll grant you three wishes. That's all. Three. Uno, dos, tres. No substitutions, exchanges or refunds. Guess who?

Anonymous said...

I come dressed in lavender, my face gussied up in a mask of makeup. I offer you tea and crumpets, sipped with pinkies out quite properly, of course.

Pardes said...

I present you with a magical contraption that seems ordinary until the fairy stands you in front of a mirror. It remains completely concealed (at this point in time) yet brings its recipient elation and a shoebox of positive self-awareness. Because it's your birthday, this particular one glitters, flies you wherever you want to go and serves as an internal Tanakh database oh so close to your heart. As for me, I'm wearing my pyjamas, but if your Gothic castle has a bathroom and adjoining Gothic salon, I'll happily change into something more appropriate. Happy Birthday!

Little Lotte said...

I glide in wearing a sky blue gown, my dark curls pulled daintily back with ribbons and decorated with sparkling diamonds, and I bring you the sweet sounds of the Angel of Music to delight you as well as fantastic stories to amuse you.

A Yiddish Nut said...

As I enter the hall, the fires die out and a disco ball suddenly lights up, and the Yiddish parody of "Three" by Britney Spears starts blasting. I crazily dance toward your throne and offer you nothing but....the Yiddish pardoy of "Run" by Snow Patrol.
Are you surprised?
Happy 21st, Chana!

Watchful said...

I come wearing my own clothes. I am dressed up as myself - my true, uninhibited self. It is a wonderful costume.

You are constantly in the periphery of my life and so I am invited to this party every year - and every year I come. I know you, Chana, perhaps better than you think, though you probably do not actually think of me. That's okay, though.

I tend to know many people this way, because I am my name - Watchful.

Chana, I give you a glittering scarf and a woolen hat. The hat is a magical hat you can wear whenever you feel unsure, afraid, or very angry. It imbues its wearer with a sense of understanding and reason. The scarf is magical as well, and it brings its wearer the gift of rhyme. And so, as I have the ability to do only at a gathering of this sort, I give you Rhyme and Reason as you set out on new journeys in your life.

Happy birthday, Chana.

An Unseen Cookie? said...

I enter slowly, confidently, and quietly dressed in a costume that is strictly black and white. My masquerade is the facade and proper attire of Lord Vetinari. I dare not speak, lest my voice reveals my identity.

Although I came to the party empty handed my gift is intangible and befitting of a queen. The ethereal gift I wish to bestow upon thou is everlasting mirth through fairy-tales.

The Prince of Colors said...

My dress robes are of the bright blue hue of the tranquil sky
My cape the bright red of the happy rose
And my hat with purple feather adorned

Hello ma lady. I come bearing gift for the happy ocassion of the 21st anniversary enchantress birth.

The gift I bear
Is no worse for the wear
though with me it trekked
over lands of incredible heck
Forests and oceanc and deserts I crossed.
Through hot and cold sleepless nights I tossed.
But the gift was not disturbed
Nor was the bearer perturbed
For the goal was known
That it was to be brought to the enchantress' home.
The gift is from the kingdom of nye
It is precious and the only one of its kind.


Its powers are unique
One need only look inside
And in the minds oblique
Imagine a color give it a try

Whatever color is imagined
The Obelisk will transform
The bearers surroundings and feelings.
To those corresponding with the colors norm.

If mystery and suspense you seek
Then black is your color to think

If you wish passion to color above all other hues.
Then red will be the one that you choose.

If tranquil happiness is your thing.
Then sky blue your mind must sing.

If purity of essence is your goal
Then ivory white shall you imagine within your soul.

Any color you wish
Your surroundings will transform it with happiness and bliss.

Though it is my first time at one of your suares.
To you I wish a happy birth day
Though in reality every day is the daily anniversary of your birth.
And thus all days are filled with mirth.
For after every night the soul returns.
After every day of lessons learned

Yom Huledet Smechah
Le-Chana Hapikcha

Chocolate silk said...

Happy 21st Birthday to Chana! Th GORGEOUS, I present you with a magical CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!Imagine a ripe delicious strawberry being dipped through a flowing curtain of warm, intoxicating, melted Belgian Chocolate! A river of chocolate that fills the room with a smell of an old world chocolate factory. Now also imagine the look on your family, friends and all the noble guests faces as they stare with mouths open and eyes wide. Enjoy!

Chana said...

The Prince of Darkness came to call,
an attendee at my Masquerade Ball,
enwrapped in colors that reflect
the beauty he's been able to detect.
Would that I could in turn show
a face that was wholly aglow.
I think, alas, I must await
An unhappier, darker fate.
But you've come with colors, and I offer thanks-
for your sweetness and your grace.

Aether said...

I bring you the gift of eternal truth, though I am cloaked in its absence.

The Old & Weary Soul said...

He comes in quietly, as is his custom, and slowly slips into the shadows of the ballroom. He thinks back to the years past, and recalls how he used to think of the honored hostess. While so much of her was always mature beyond her years, there were times where he had to remind himself that she was still but a young lady, learning and growing. But now - now it is hard to imagine her as anything but who she has become.

He struggled to decide what gift to give her, as he has never been comfortable when he can't identify what someone needs. Finding a gift that is appropriate is always a difficult task, but finding one for this Enchantress is nearly impossible.

Finally, as some other friends whom he does not know move away from her, he steps forward and gives a small, meaningful smile at which she smiles brightly. "Hello, my friend," he says, and notices as she merely smiles in return. He can't help but think to himself yet again just how quickly she has grown. As they exchange understanding nods, recognizing this muted transformation, he continues:

"I originally was determined to not give you a gift this year. After all, I saw no obvious gift that you need. Why risk insulting you with a gift you don't need, should you believe someone felt you needed it?"

"I changed my mind, however. While there are gifts that slowly lose their meaning, there are some gifts that no matter what, are always worth having around."

The man hands the Enchantress her gift: It is a beautiful crystal set of scales... yet magically, they are somehow as mirrored as they are clear.

"I will tell you nothing new, and this is not a gift that you need - but one that will always prove useful to you. Similarly, while you do not need an explanation, I will provide one regardless. The scales are for balance - that which we are always seeking. They are made of crystal so that you may always have perfect clarity as you strive to achieve - and provide - that balance. And yet they are mirrored, to remind you to always look within when attempting to change the world, because change always starts from within. As I said: It is a gift you do not need, but one which will never hurt to have in your possession."

The Enchantress looked up at the man and nodded her understanding.

"Why are you so weary?", she suddenly asked, as few could. "I am old, and yet talking more than I have since I was a child," he replied. "Talking drains me, and you do not need to hear it - yet somehow I felt compelled to explain." Once again, she nods her understanding.

Before bidding the Enchantress adieu, the man speaks up one final time. "I apologize for taking so much of your time. I look forward to seeing you soon, and hope that you are able to not only make use of, but also to enjoy, the gift now on your lap. As always, I look forward to seeing you soon."

At that, the Enchantress gave her trademark huge smile to the man and said simply: "Shush, you fool - you know how I will. Go now, and we shall most certainly discuss these things." He smiled in return, and with barely a move, he disappeared back into the night.

Anonymous said...

You are a rare red rose in full bloom and I come to offer you my best Birthday wishes.

The Midori Knight said...

My verdant cloak whirls around me as I enter the party hall. Its hue appears as though I've captured the very essence of the forest surrounding the castle and instilled it, still living, into the material. I pause at the top of the stairs, watching the partygoers moving to and fro with merriment.

As I descend from the grand entryway, the edge of my cloak pulls back, revealing a lighter green tunic overlaid with jade tabards extending to my knees. The earthy brown of my boots glistens faintly in the light cast from the nearby torches. My hood conceals my face, except for my mouth and chin. The crowd parts in two as I continue to draw closer to the dais, my cloak billowing behind me.

A party guest concludes his conversation and steps down into the hushed crowd. I take advantage of the sudden opportunity and approach The Enchantress.

I extend my previously concealed right hand, and present my gift. A bouquet of exquisite indigo-blue aura blossoms, aquired from some diminutive friends. The bouquet glows brilliantly, casting a soft blue sheen across your features. Your smile shines almost as brightly as the gleaming aura blossoms. My eyes still awash in shadow, I happily grin in return.

May you continue to enlighten us with your insights, inspire the masses with wisdom beyond your years, and stay forever bound to the truth and faith that you hold so dear - in good health, with abundant blessings and unending happiness - until 120.

some guy said...

I bring you a tennis ball for your birthday. Go have a catch.

Anonymous said...

to my dearest olivia,
on your birthday i present you with your high-class alcohol serving, id carding lounge where at precisely 12:01 am an amazingly handsome bartender offers you a tasteful drink of your choice.
happy birthday i hope you have the birthday of your dreams.
ps. for your birthday you ace your biblical hebrew final as well :)

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

יניקתא וחכימתא

Smile :D said...

I come from the east, bringing you the scent of rare flowers, bursting into bloom, the colors of the sunset across the desert, and my best birthday wishes.
Happy Birthday Chana!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm but a molecule of C19H2802 stuck outnumbered by a larger number of molecules C18H24O2.

My secnario leads to many headaches but through this emerge many amusing anecdotes and tales which others find immensly entertianing.

Anonymous said...

I'm but a molecule of C19H2802 stuck outnumbered by a larger number of molecules C18H24O2.

My secnario leads to many headaches but through this emerge many amusing anecdotes and tales which others find immensly entertianing.

court dressmaker said...

Chana,I wish to present you with the most amazing collection of gorgeous dresses , evening gowns and petticoats held together with genuine and most colorful jeweled fasteners and vintage brooches created for this special occasion. You'll look absolutely fantastic wearing them:the tight-fitting bodices of dresses,tule ruffles, tapered long sleeves,rich velvets,silks and lace will show off your beauty in the most tantalizing way. You are quite a nobilty! Happy special birthday,dear one!

Anonymous said...

Can I get a HUZZAH, everyone?

or a hooray, at least?

Agent Thursday said...

No fancy costume, just business casual after a day along the river on Wacker. I offer you knowledge from my revered teachers, some of whom are no longer with us, and hope you continue to enlighten us with words of wisdom.

Lars Shalom said...

happy u

Anonymous said...

Your Majesty,
I wear a white jacket, a Chef's hat and represent a team of 20 gifted chefs from various foreign countries. I'm eager to tell you that we have everything you and your noble guests need to celebrate your 21st Birthday in a fantastically decorated Hall of Magic! You can choose from our elegant appetizers, gourmet soups and salads, Persian rice pilafs and shish-kababs,Indian chicken tandori and sambosa, succulent fish and most expensive Russian caviar,traditional favotites like Turkey and Lamb roasts or our Top Glatt Kosher Sirloin Steaks which are most tender, naturally lean and bursting with bold, beefy flavor. You all can indulge and choose from hundreds of bottles of most sought after French wines, liquors and champagnes .Our heavenly desserts, of course, include:Pumpkin praline, rich chocolate cakes and parfait, exotic fruits,parve chocolates , truffles, gourmet coffee and teas from around the world . Absolutely mouthwatering!!!Here is to your health and happiness!! Have a blast!!!! With much love, Your Castle kitcken team.

The count said...

I come dressed in a tuxedo and top hat, no mask. Arrive on foot wearing a heavy black cape.

My gift is the ability to mold beauty into whatever you desire it to be for you.

mazal tov!

Anonymous said...

I come in a multi-colored dream coat and I am the leader of Egypt. I give you the land of Goshen. May you live happily there and drink as much as you want!

-Happy Birthday

Beauty said...

I come dressed as one of you, of course, and therefore need no other mask. My dress is comprised of tulle the color of sunlight, and my face is joy as I greet you.
You have reached a cultural milestone: your country recognizes you as fully adult. Therefore, I give you what we carry.

Gaze into The Magic Mirror, and see yourself as you were and as you are. Past pain is eased as you realize that it is why you have grown into the rich and gentle blaze you are today. Current events are given meaning as they are reflected and incorporated into your opalescence.

But, ah! Tilt it gently and warily, for it shows, too, how others see you: the overpowering love and inexplicable fear and pure misunderstanding. Take care to tilt it well, and always end with those who are indeed familiar with you, those who hold you to be no more or less or different than you are: simply, wonderfully, blessedly Chana.

Many happy returns of the day, and may the day never return the same: only more richly and varied than ever in the past.

Anonymous said...

I am Torah U-Madda and have given you much.

You have given me more


to look forward to in

the years to come.

Sealed with a seal.

happy birthday!

the music whisperer said...

I come as a magical music and lyric composer to create a song that is just yours. I have a 7ht sense - I can sense your unique being, and the music I create is in harmony with your entire entity. Once it leaves me, it is yours forever. It vanishes from my set of compositions and I can never recreate it, as it has become yours and yours only - forever.

You Know Who said...

All right, Chanaleh.

Here's your new laptop from all of us. Hope it doesn't die this time.

theonlywayiknow said...

I give you this great belt with chrome lettering - something to wear when you're in a funky mood. It's made just for you when you want to have a good laugh and some fun - and it says....

Alas I am a lass.


the blue fairy said...

I come dressed in a long, flowing gown of gauzes in various hues of blue. My long brown curls are bound up in ribbons adorned with blue topaz, artfully arranged and styled in the shape of a crown. My mask is of midnight blue.

I come bearing a bouquet of larkspur, a blue flower which symbolizes laughter and an open heart, with the wish that the coming year brings you much of the former and enough of the latter.

Wish Master said...

I come in a rich colored cloak
It's not often I'm a fancy bloke
To give you your deserving gift
which won't be hard for you to lift

It is a wish that I will grant
and it can be anything you want
all you need to do is tell me
and poof- it is yours for no fee

For today is a very special day
in that it is your 21st birthday
so make your wish wisely my friend
for it will be with you to the end

Prince of Darkness said...

Hey Chana!

I come dressed in my silk red pants... oh God! I mistakenly put on my Santa costume. *Runs home to change*


I am wearing a golden cape and a bejeweled crown. The crown has gold lettering on it. It says: Go Yankees.

I come to bring you a gift. I come with a mirror (I swear I was going to give you that!), but then I peruse your comments -er... official royal proclamations- and I see that Beauty has given you exactly what I was going to. This is beyond crazy.

So I think. I cannot give you something which I am not sure you will enjoy, but that is my only choice. I give you my island. If you like it, you can now go there whenever you feel like it. It is yours.

I really do hope you like it!

And as I leave, I realize I totally forgot something! *reaches into his chariot* Here's something else.

*gives her the best year she has had yet*

Happy 21st!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you, Happy new year to you, Happy NEW year to you... Happy new year to you!

How old are you now?
How old are you now?
How old are you now?
How old are you now?


Have an awesome year!


Anonymous said...

A good date for a birthday! Best wishes.

alone said...

I am not here
eternally alone

in every moment
but the present

you see me but
you don't

On her birthday, one should spend time in seclusion. She should recall her experiences and think deeply into them. She should then repent and correct those (of her past deeds) that need correction and repentance.

And now I am here =swish=
Happy bithday