Monday, December 07, 2009

Death By Sparkle At High Noon

Cleolinda Jone and "New Moon" make an awesome couple.

"I'm thinking... death by sparkle at high noon."

Enjoy that which is wonderful.

In other news: I got my mojo back!

I got my mojo back, I got my mo-mo-mo-to the jo-jo-jo back in the happymaking world; we gonna rock this party out the glitter windows, girl.

This was caused by:

1. The fact that my laptop was murdered by viruses and thus, is very dead.
2. The fact that the rabbi dude who came to Brooklyn, Eichlers, Subway and Isaac's Bake Shop with me exists and he is fun. And as spontaneous as me. This shall lead to good things.
3. "The Blind Side"
4. Barnes & Noble
5. Mt. Sinai synagogue fun times.
6. The unknown lawyer hiding in the seemingly innocuous apartment.

In short, my mojo is ON.

Now it's time to face the Biblical Hebrew melancholic symphony in D.
Slip n'slide, my lovely lady, slip n'slide.


Anonymous said...

Is the "rabbi dude" mentioned here a "friend" or a "dude" friend or a potential "dude" friend?

Tell, tell!

Chana said...

What the heck is a "dude friend?" I am not aware of this distinction. Apparently the people of this place speak in tongues...

dman said...

Anonymous 9:42pm

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that Chana will tell what she wants to tell, and nothing more or less.

What she choose to tell, or not tell, is her business, not yours or mine.

inkstainedhands said...

Ha, I love that script. It entertained me much more than the actual film.

And I'm sorry to hear that your laptop is dead. :[ Is there any chance of tchi'at hameitim?

Eichlers itself always leads to good times! (Well, most Judaica book stores do.) My most recent purchase was another volume of the Yalkut Me'am Loez (although not at Eichlers). I really wanted to get the English translation of the Midrash Rabba as well, but they only sold it as a set and not as individual volumes. Some day... some day...

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your laptop