Tuesday, December 01, 2009

the goddess returns

I made a deal with myself that I was permitted to watch New Moon yesterday as long as I wrote my paper today. Which I did! I mean, it still needs some work, but hell, I wrote a paper two whole days before it was due. Who would believe it was possible?

In any case, joy. The goddess is back.

New Moon was a million times better than Twilight. It was actually a relatively impressive rendition. And by that I mean that Taylor Lautner has better acting skills than Rob and Kristen put together. Yay Team Jacob. I'm a Team Jacob girl. Even though I think that real men sparkle.

The best part about New Moon was that it actually far surpassed the book. There's something about nightmares that can only really be conveyed onscreen. The depiction of Bella's sadness, her nightmares and how lonely she felt came across through the film much better than it had through the books. Although Bella's "Kill me," moment fell very flat. Kristen, Kristen, one day you will learn to be passionate about something.

In terms of the previews, I"m so seeing Remember Me! Rob Pattinson doing something other than crumpling cell phones in destructive rage is a fascinating prospect.


Josh said...

You wrote a paper two days before it's due?? C'mon, I think we all know Calvin and Hobbes told us you should never write a paper that early - you need to wait for *true inspiration* as in this comic: http://www.gocomics.com/feature_items/explore?page=1&tag=31934&tag_name=last-minute+panic

Anonymous said...

Josh,very cute comment.
There were times...not so long ago...when Chana was in charge of the observer and when she wrote her papers the morning the papers was due and got straight As on them. Yes,those were the days and Chana did possess the *true inspiration* you speak of then(he-he) and I witnessed it.

Josh said...

By the way, the full storyline of that comic can be found here: http://web.mit.edu/manoli/mood/www/calvin-full.html Warning: it involves time travel! Oh, and yay, I figured out how to format a link in a blogger comment!

Chana said...

Anon 6:54,

Unless you are me, how would you know the grades I got on those papers? Don't think so highly of me.


Personally, I'm sick of being exhausted and strung out the night before a paper is due.

Josh said...

Chana, I procrastinated throughout college and law school. I definitely know how annoying it is to be strung out the night before a paper's due, but I was never able to break the habit. It's great that you were able to!

Hannah said...

"crumpling cell phones in destructive rage"


I like your blog.
Hi, Chana! I'm Hannah.