Sunday, December 31, 2006

Huzzah! I am 18.

Happy Birthday to Me!


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Last year, upon my birthday, I held a Masquerade on the blogs. I told everyone to sign in as an Anonymous person without linking to their webpages and give themselves intriguing names, to describe their 'costumes' as it were, and to explain their presents. Last year I was offered a crystal rose and other beautiful gems.

As I don't know everyone who comments here, I shan't be as adept at guessing whom it is who dons a particular 'costume,' as it were, but it would be lovely if some of you would attend me in the comments and join my newest Masquerade ball. (And perhaps, if I truly can't guess, you can come back later and tell me who you are.)

Things I don't plan on doing upon turning 18:

a) Getting tattoos and piercings
b) Smoking
c) Yes, even smoking hookah
d) Going to Canada/ Israel and drinking

Things I do plan on doing upon turning 18:

a) Getting a Lord and Taylor card!
b) Perhaps voting

And what does it mean to turn eighteen? What is the significance of the age?

Well, I am now informed of its significance.

The ones I think are most fitting:

a) Eighteen is a rich experience
b) Eighteen is the bloggage of me
c) Eighteen is a story

I look forward to some very rich descriptions of costumes (yes, you're all attending my Masquerade) and some creative wishes.


Unknown said...

Firstly... it is now your birthday on the East Coast! YAY! :)

Anonymous said...

For this occaision, I shall dress in a black "suit," complete with cape, cowl, and utility belt. As a gift, I will present you with a potato. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Is this better?

Anonymous said...

Well, its not your birthday here in the west coast, but I will attend the bday non-the-less.

I am dressed up as a vegetable, the greatest vegetable if I may add, and I present you with this man dressed in a black "suit," complete with cape, cowl, and utility belt. But whatever you do, don't pull on the string

Anonymous said...

Ezzie, isen't about time you gave up on that monkeyman costume?

Sarah Likes Green said...

Happy Birthday!

Well, I love a good party especially one that requires dressing up!

For this party, however, I will go with a simple (yet fashionable and elegant) outfit of my new cream dress with black top, lace edged leggings, several strands of jet black beads, a few cocktail rings and black high heels (I'm always in flats so this is unusual!). My usually curly hair would be up with a black flower attached to the back.

For colour (and the masquerade part!), a bright yet elegantly patterned mask with feathers! (In that medieval/venetian style).

As for a gift, well I would choose to present to you an elegantly framed print of one of my photographs that I best think suits you (or any that you like from my blog). Plus I reckon you'd enjoy a book voucher :)

That was fun! Wishing you all the best!!

Sarah Likes Green said...

oh. oops.

I forgot to change to anonymous!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday from Israel!

Anonymous said...


Gratis på födelsedagen! (Happy Birthday)...If you can figure out what language I just wrote in, chances are pretty good you'll figure out just which J-blogger I am. But I digress.

As for my costume, I am a dramatic sort. I don't like to blend in, so you'll find me wearing a tasteful yet striking dress made of yards upon yards of the brightest red taffeta. It frames me so that in the front it falls just below my knees, but has a bit of a train in the back for a formal effect. I am wearing strappy black high heels with small rhinetsones on them, and I have gorgeous diamonds dripping from my ears and neck. I am masquerading as someone who is well known as an American icon of fashion and beauty, a woman well versed in politics and history, yet perceived by the public as only an object of physical beauty, who left this world far before it was ready for her to leave.

As for my gift, I offer you the opportunity to spend the day "inside" one of your favorite movies/shows as the character of your choosing.


Anonymous said...

A very happy birthday to you, Ms. Chana.

I am dressed as a wizened old wizard, with a twinkle in my eye that gives you the feeling I know far more than I'm letting on. I have my small glasses on my nose which I peer over, and a long, flowing cloak that has enough folds to hide a treasure trove of goods within them.

I have brought you a special mirror as a present - one that allows you to see yourself in a way that perhaps others do not see you, in a way that allows you to see yourself in so many different ways. It is a magical mirror... as magical as the little glass bowl I am giving you as well. This bowl is a pensieve... you know what this does? Well, good. I am supremely confident you will make the best possible uses of both of these gifts.

Many more happy returns, Ms. Chana.

Chana said...

Anonymous in the Red Dress,

At first I thought you were Princess Diana, but you say you are an American fashion icon, so I must keep on thinking...

And everybody- thanks so much for coming to my Masquerade! I can't identify any of you. Ah, well. Hurrah for the imaginative people who lurk behind their calm blog identities.

PsychoToddler said...


I hope we'll see you this motzai shabbos!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Chana! I am dressed as a cowboy, a maverick of sorts.

I come bearing a single gift, one that is not particularly spectacular, although I hope it is one you enjoy.

It is a well-wish, a blessing, if you will. Today, on your eighteenth birthday, you continue to mature into adulthood. May not only this day bring you much joy, luck, and happiness, but may the rest of your life as well.

And, since I feel bad about not buying anything, here's ten bucks also.

Anonymous said...

Hoorah! A chance to show the real me! This dress has been sitting in my closet forever, but it's a little too revealing to wear on a normal occasion. It is gold, made for a princess, with off-the-shoulder straps and a full skirt, which loops upward at intervals, creating elegant gathers. I wear my long brown hair half-up (as I am wont to do), with long gold gloves upon my arms.

As a present, I offer you a two-dimensional gold silk hijab and some make-up remover (not for you of course...think about it and maybe you'll figure out who it's for).

Also, a gemara...and a learned and wise private tutor...and hours and hours with which to study. It's time you got over your inhibitions, girl!

Happy Birthday! May this year be the best ever!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Chana!

Okay, so I'm here, and I'm wearing my green wood-nymph dress that I actually have and have never gotten enough courage to actually wear. It's pretty but I don't have the patience to bother describing it here. Suffice it to say, it is green and pretty.

Your present is a back-stage pass to the ballet.


Anonymous said...

I come wearing a dress made of an old quilt, a riotous clash of colors and shapes and fabrics. It's the only dress I have, but I'm fond of it. It gives me a lot of my mixed-up, zany character. After all, no one expects a girl with mixed-up magic brains and a crazy-quilt outfit to make sense--much to my enjoyment! I can be as crazy as I want, and no one expects me to be anything but!

For your 18th birthday, I think I'll get you an audience with Ozma. She's a nice girl, and so are you, so I'm sure you'll like each other. :)

Anonymous said...

I make a secret entrance to the palace, veiled in black silks and silver, and stealthily tip toe my approach. Slipping past the guardsI locate you, the princess,in the window overlooking the courtyard. I make my approach to quietly offer you blessings of health, happiness, contentment, and peace within your kingdom. I cautiously place an amulet of blackest opal in your hand and say with a gentle conviction, "This shall give you the strength to overcome the devices of those who would punish you for your regal honesty."

As I hastily retreat my form disappears quickly into the night. A whisper of "Happy Birthday" ascends hauntingly through the misty night air to the window at which you still perch.

Dovid said...

Mazal tov!

Anonymous said...

i'll be the jester, for someone must be.
my gift to you is an exquisite sword carved in the fashion of fays, perfectly balanced and with only the slightest touch of magic. use it well.

Charlie Hall said...

Happy Birthday, Chana!

All I recall about my own 18th birthday was that the proctor of my freshman dorm gave me a can of beer to drink. (Yes, I'm old enough to have turned 18 when that was the drinking age.)

May the next year bring much happiness and success.

SemGirl said...

Im sorry I havent been able to be as avid a reader of your wonderful blog as I would like to be. Most blogs out there can skimmed thru in seconds and enjoyed at face value. Yours is very deep and analytical, and extremely thought provoking.

I cant wear a costume because I dont want to be accused of not being Tzniusdik, lol. But Im wearing a long denim skirt, a very loose-fitting sweatshirt, (without writing chas v shalom ) with a big burka..

Im bringing you a brand new Art Scroll gamarra, Im sure you will you use it well.

Anonymous said...

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