Friday, September 25, 2009

Shul In My Basement!

This is beyond entertaining.

We have (with permission, and not to cause rivalries) a shul in our basement tonight. This amuses me to no end because I remember other people with shuls in their basements (and how I grew up as a child, going to Friday night davening with my father in someone's basement. I did not play, incidentally; I actually davened. Ah, how I longed to go play house with the others! But my father frowned upon this behavior; shul was for davening, not for toys.)

On another note, I believe God thinks far better of us than the people who claim to speak for Him. If it is not so, I and many of the people I love are all damned to hell. My whole life, if I were to believe them, is an exercise in transgression.


dman said...

What's the occasion?

Anonymous said...

Chana, How I would love to assemble you and a dozen others, whose viewpoints I appreciate, together at one table.

Oh, the fun it would be!

Chana said...

Anon 6:01,

You should invite me. *smile*

I can hold my own- I've had practice.

As for me, if all my friends were together in one room, I have no doubt it would come to fisticuffs.

Anonymous said...

I have sometimes thought that a bruising received from a good bout of fisticuffs is less painful than the mental and verbal assults I have at times received from the quicker of wit! HA, HA!

The Olam Haba will be such an adventure, lets be sure to all be there; then we shall no doubt have the opportunity to absolutely rejoice in discussion and debate. YAY!