Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm Going To Cry Out Of Frustration

It's 6 AM and I haven't slept.
This is not for lack of trying.
I hate being sick.


The Cousin said...



The Cousin said...

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Now I need a cup o' coffee or I'm going to go back to sleep!

dman said...

With Soap and Water or Sanitizer, a Cleaning That Can Stave Off the Flu

It sounds so simple as to be innocuous, a throwaway line in public-health warnings about swine flu. But one of the most powerful weapons against the new H1N1 virus is summed up in a three-word phrase you first heard from your mother: wash your hands.

Full text:

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be a wreck. You don't have to be sick. One's aim in life should be to die in good health. Just like a candle that burns out.
-Jeanne Moreau

Thought you might appreciate this.
What do you think?

yesod shel limud said...

i'm so sorry you feel ill i would advise Benadryl should just knock you out at this point or allergy medication at least you can feel rest I want to ask Mechillah from all of you now if you all can thanks tc tlbb

Ben Rosenfeld

aaronswish said...

:-/ Yeah.... it's the worst.

(I'm always amazed at how a tiny bit of floating DNA, a virus, or its close bacterial cousins, can so totally throw a person flat onto his/her back.)

yesod shel limud said...

definetly amazing the biologics of the human anatomy and how things happen well looking to post in the future thanks for the chance tc tl bb

Ben Rosenfeld