Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Anderson Twins @ Dizzy's Club Coca Cola


The whine and wail of saxophones lilts out the door. Peeking into the dimly-lit curving room, you see spangles catch the light off a woman's dress, or diamonds off her bracelet. Perhaps it's the silver buckle on her short red dress, her heels black and made of patent leather. Laughing, hanging onto the arm of a smartly-dressed man, she turns away from the bar and back toward the source of the music, concentrating on the band performing onstage. A waitress in black walks toward a couple seated upon comfortable plush grey chairs. They've finished their drinks; their fingers glow in the light afforded by the globes set upon each tabletop. She brings them the bill and the set onstage finishes.

Two well-dressed young men in their twenties, golden-haired, tall, cleanshaven, walk onstage. They each play saxophone, as is evidenced by the cases lovingly swung across each shoulder. Their companion wheels the bass onstage while a master of drums prepares his brushes and sticks. My friend and I slip shyly into the room, excited by the atmosphere and the panoramic skyline of glittering neon lights that one can see through the large translucent windows that serve as a backdrop to the band. It's almost 11:00 PM at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola and The Anderson Twins Quintet, extremely talented Juilliard-trained grad students, have arrived onstage to play their set.

They play several sets, soloing themselves and allowing the bass, guitarist and drummer magnificent solos as well. A lady comes over to my friend and I and we ask for two Cokes, sipping them quietly while smiling at each other. There's something very beautiful about the music, the strains of jazz mixing with the atmosphere, the darkness, the dim lighting afforded by the orbs on each table. People applaud and laugh and smile, creatures of the night. Glitter, music and the sweetness and down-to-earth attitude of Will and Pete, the Anderson Twins, mix together to create an incredibly enjoyable evening.


The Anderson Twins Quintet is playing the After Hours set starting at 11 PM every night this week (Weds, Thurs, Friday, Sat). They're at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola. Just take the train to Columbus Circle, walk over to The Shops at Columbus Circle, enter toward the Jazz sign and take the elevators up to the 5th floor. It's $5 for students with a valid ID. Enjoy the show.


a sax player said...

that would be saxophone.

Chana said...

ha, sorry about that! has been fixed and I have hung my head in appropriate chastened shame. ;)

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