Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bedside Reading

The Cousin asked what I was reading lately so I figured I'd answer him.


The Cousin said...

Looks interesting.

Follow-up question: which of those books are being read for school vs. for pleasure?

David Staum said...

Wow, heavy reading. No fiction?

Anonymous said...

what's the bottom book?

Chana said...

They're all for pleasure.

Read 'Not Me' on the plane back from Chicago. That was my fiction.

It's 'The House of the Scorpion.'

The Cousin said...


Fair enough!

It looks more interesting than the reads I have on my "nightsand".
(I doubt most of this blog's readership finds scientific/medical journals to be of much interest).

fear from love. said...

are those library books?
i went to brooklyn public library when i was over there and was astuonded at the range of jewish books available, in england we have nothing! oh man, u guys are so lucky!