Monday, November 10, 2008


I decided to write a "poem" based on the first lines visible in my gmail email inbox currently.


Chana, you may find this interesting
Message re-sent
Can't help it; I get upset for people
Hi Olivia! First of all, thanks for the
hey! she can keep the check
hahaha, how did your phone kill itself?
You're going to hang a nude in the house?
Sorry, nope! Good luck
don't have a Moreh in front of me
I do not. Maybe ask Stu?
catch u diff time
Aaaargh. When will she have it by?
Don't install any updates to Adobe Reader
I hope everyone has gotten back into school
This isn't nonsense; it's important, and you'll see why later.
By the way, the story of the good looking man in the Gemarah
hello again, my darling brother!


Anonymous said...

eh this is more like it

Anonymous said...

wow this is really intresting way to progress and kill off some time bye for now be well enjoy day talk laterb

Ben Rosenfeld