Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Observer: Issue 3!

Well, what does this issue of The Observer have in store for you?

First things first, the Orthodox Union (OU) has been spearheading a project to inform the Orthodox Jewish community about eating disorders. They are going to release their film, which is a documentary entitled "Hungry To Be Heard" featuring clinicians, Rabbanim, psychologists and other prominent people, in the very near future (it premieres in Israel on November 27, and will premiere here in New York in either December or January.

Readers will also appreciate the additional information on eating disorders provided in the Features section.

Then, read how students at Yeshiva University reacted to Obama's election, the incredible number of people who were drawn to the recent Tanakh Yom Iyun, and the start of a book club here.

There are also two pieces by international students, one a girl from Moscow, the other the head of the Political Society at YU.

Then we explore Orthodox Theater and other performing arts, such as musicians who perform in subways. There's also a review of "The Secrets," Avi Nesher's film from the Israel Film Festival, which I personally found extremely interesting.

We have an intrepid adventurer who would like to abolish styrofoam, an introduction to WYUR, YU's radio station, commentary on the politics of fashion in the election, a review of the musical "13," which stars teenagers in lead roles, and much more, including published Letters to the Editor.

Enjoy- and comment away!


Anonymous said...

Already read two of your articles. The issue is very interesting once again! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The interview with Aliza is powerful! All the related articles are informative as well. You did a very good job!

Stubborn and Strong said...

how do you feel that different website copied Aliza's interview of eating disorder? I heard from the apple. I am so shocked that they didn't ask you at all. You must be very upset. I think you should write about ethic about copying other people's article eventhough they cite sources but no author

Stubborn and Strong said...

i mean write for next The observor newspaper

Anonymous said...

Chana,congrats on a very good issue #3!

David_on_the_Lake said...

Extremely thought provoking..

Anonymous said...

not enough articles about eating disorders.