Monday, November 24, 2008

Peah 1:1 (Yerushalmi)

אמו של ר' טרפון ירדה לטייל לתוך חצירה בשבת והלך ר' טרפון והניח שתי ידיו תחת פרסותיה והיתה מהלכת עליהן עד שהגיעה למיטתה פעם אחת חלה ונכנסו חכמים לבקרו אמרה להן התפללו על טרפון בני שהוא נוהג בי כבוד יותר מדאי אמרו לה מה עביד ליך ותניית להון עובדא אמרו לה אפילו עושה כן אלף אלפים עדיין לחצי כבוד שאמרה התורה


Gavi said...

I give you a beracha that you should merit sons as wise and righteous as Rabi Tarfon!! While I am not a kohen, a beracha from a friend is still a powerful form of tefilla...

(Just don't force them to use their hands as stepping-stones for you, unless they really insist) :-)

Anonymous said...

very intresting post chana well done
could be taken the wrong way but have no desire to very well portrayed cong
talk later chana be well atb bn bw tl

Ben Rosenfeld

former classmate said...

Love the art, your Hebrew script and the message . You are a multi-talented Chana! Seriously.

Jewish blogger said...

Hey,I noticed something interesting(a long time ago) about the way you play with colors while sketching or painting . It's the undertones of reds,rich golds,blues and greens that dominate your creations. You are not into pastels at all,you vibrant gal !

Uri said...

Talmud Bavli Tractate Kiddushin 31b tells us about Rabbi Tarfon and his mother. He would get on his hands and feet, and allow her to use his back as a footstool to climb in and out of her bed. Rabbi Tarfon's mother went for a walk on Shabbat, tore her sandal, because it was Shabbat, it couldn't be fixed. Rabbi Tarfon put his hands under the soles of her feet and she walked home on his hands. Yet his fellow rabbis did not think this was going as far as the commandment suggests."Did she ever take all your money and throw it into the sea, and you not chastise and shame her? If this would happen, then you truly would show you honor your mother and father."

Chana,what do you think about this?

Aaron said...

Observer-issue#3 in online.
Looks great ONCE AGAIN!
How do you do it?