Monday, May 18, 2009

The Violin Child

I adore violins. I always have. If there's music and I like it, it's almost certain that urgent violins are part of the piece. To me, violins are passion and poetry and the soul and the only music worth listening to; the godly, impossible music that allows me to taste a little bit of heaven is made with the violin.

For this reason, I love the "Angels & Demons" soundtrack. (I saw the film on Friday and it was FANTASTIC, a much better adaptation than "The Da Vinci Code" was.) Or as I put it earlier on Friday: "Lollipop Trees rock my socks. Also, real men sparkle (courtesy of Edward Cullen the Vampire Champ.) AND I love the Moulin Rouge dude in "Angels and Demons," otherwise known as the Camerlengo."

Here is the main theme, and here is the first song on the soundtrack, one I love because it has the *swoon* godly violins.

In short, if you love me, you'll remember the violins.


the apple said...

Band you should listen to - Bond. Awesome string quartet.

Ezzie said...

Didn't see the Da Vinci code because I heard it was a poor adaptation; Angels & Demons (which was a better book anyway), though, was a very good adaptation (and the different ending was in many ways better than the book, especially suited for a movie).

And good call on the soundtrack - it was excellent.

Unknown said...

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