Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Last Observer

Well folks, we've reached that amazing time of year. I have published The Last Observer (reference: Sara's 'The Last Doll' in A Little Princess) and here is what it contains...

As usual, we have a themed Features section. This time, the Features section is focused on the topic of abuse, whether it be emotional, verbal, physical, sexual and so forth. Among our articles we have an extremely comprehensive interview with Rabbi Yosef Blau on Sexual Abuse in the Orthodox Community, a clear and thorough description of different kinds of abuse, a review of a film about domestic violence in the Orthodox Jewish community, and many more valuable, relevant articles.

In News, we have an expose all about Revel, the Graduate School of Jewish Studies, and absolutely everything that will be taking place there in the future. Then there was a fascinating talk delivered here by two well-known New York Times columnists, David Brooks & Gail Collins, on Obama's first 100 days. And for the scholarly folks, here's a very thorough delineation of new trends in biblical scholarship.

In opinions, we have the bold analysis of a debate about human trafficking under the title "It is Wrong to Pay for Sex," a lament about the Hebrew department, and a lady who is anti-bailouts, among others.

We have a fascinating interview with Rinat Gutman, an Orthodox Jewish female...rapper?

And then, last but not least, thanks to the entire staff, the purpose of life, and an introduction to next year's Editor-in-Chief!


Chicago Yid said...

Chana,seems like a great issue! I thought that the interview with Rabbi Blau was timely,well thought-through and informative.
The Observer: Sometimes principals of schools forgive abuse (physical abuse, usually) because they think they are doing a mitzva by allowing the teacher to stay on and make a parnassa. Do you think that is correct behavior?
Rabbi Blau: I think it's absurd. We don't have schools for teachers to make a living. We have schools for children to learn. And if we worry about people making a livelihood, we should find other ways of their making a living, but not at the expense of children."

What great and powerful words!
I only wish that the heads of Chicago elementary and high schools,including the prominent Rebbeim would listen to these words and do something to help the children!

nmf #7 said...

Mazel Tov Chana- it looks like a phenomenal issue, from what I've read. May you go M'chayil, l'chayil.
Chicago Yid- not to be rude, your comment was excellent, but as far as I know, the principals of the various Chicago schools do their best to prevent abuse in the schools.

Diet Dr. Pepper said...


Mazel tov on completing the final issue. You did an incredible job this year. The Observer won't be the same without you.

--An Opinionated Editor

Aaron said...

A great last issue all around!

Chana said...

NMF #7,

Re: the Chicago Principals...that is a long story...Chicago Yid is right.

Thanks, everybody.

YU student said...

A fabulous issue!
Chana,you should be so very proud of yourself and all that you achieved this year! I've been @YU for the past 3 years and this year's Observer was the best it's ever been!

You did a fantastic job!

He Who Must Not Be Named said...

Chicago Yid shouldn't forget the post-high school programs where the administration has had some serious lapses (aka whoopsies, aka Charlie-Foxtrot [in military jargon])

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled that they were able to resolve the proper branding/ shield issue. I've had many sleepless nights worrying about the future direction of YU which I can now put to bed.
Joel Rich