Wednesday, May 27, 2009

They Can Never Find The Right Angel

"No, of course I don't. You two were crazy about each other. She was hearing the voices that killed her when she was a little girl. John Hardin hears those same voices. There's a kind of songbird too pretty to fly with the crows and the starlings. The other birds attack it in flocks and tear it apart when it starts to sing. Nothing soft endures. Nature loathes meekness and goodness. Shyla got hurt early and deep. You kept her from the bridge as long as you could, son."

"You think she and John Hardin're alike?"

"Same tribe. Both of them so full of love it causes an imbalance. They fall over with the unbearable weight of it. The fall becomes what they do best. They grow accustomed to great odds. Love floods them, overwhelms them, and makes them impossible to be around. They need love in equal proportion to what they throw off. Everyone disappoints them. Eventually, they die of the cold. They can never find the right angel."

~Beach Music by Pat Conroy, page 767

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alb said...

sometimes i wonder if i ever will...