Sunday, May 03, 2009

Be Amused...Be Very Amused

So I am invited to all sorts of hot parties and bashes and Purim galas, not on my own merit but because one or another of my friends is cool, but this one is particularly amusing:

Hey Everyone,

May ____ is just around the corner and I wanted to remind everyone that the party is ____ at 10:30 at Stir, located on the Upper East Side. You don't have to be attending the YU senior dinner, or even be a YU student to come (although I'm sure the dinner will be thoroughly enjoyable). Make sure to bring your ID because they DO card. Here are the drink specials:

2 for 1 bud/bud light
$5 Cosmos
$6 Well Drinks
$6 Wines by the glass
$9 Martinis

We're going to have a good turn out, so if you're interested in having a fun time with your friends (and possibly make some new friends), then make sure you come out!

Hope to see you all there!


On a scale of 1-10, how likely is it that I would attend this party?

Aside from which, anyone who knows me at all knows I only drink White Russians, Champagne & Black Muscat. Anything else is for the plebeians ;)


Stern student said...

You probably wouldn't attend the said party only because brownies and cookies , good books and real friends interest you more.

friend from Stern said...

I'll have to second what the Stern student said and add some ice cream to it all.Chana LOVES ice cream!. I don't ever hear her talk about alcoholic drinks.

Unknown said...

You should add Vanilla Nut Crunches to your repertoire. Super yummy and happiness making.

The Big Lebowski said...

How do you make White Russians without Kahlua? Or do you have a stash of the old kosher Kahlua?

The Cousin said...

On a scale of 1-10, how likely is it that I would attend this party?Are we only allowed to use rational integers on this scale?

If so, then I'd have to go with "1". If we're not sticking with rational numbers, then I have few more guesess.

Since you're not 21 yet, and you don't strike me as the type who'd bother with getting a fake ID--I doubt you'll be attending.

Do I score any bonus points for actually recognizing the bar?

/doesn't drink alcohol
//pass me another Diet Pepsi please.

Chana said...

Stern Student,
Props; this suggests you actually know me. Hurrah! ;)

friend from Stern,
True about the ice cream. ;)

Don't know what those are but thanks for the recommendation!

The Big Lebowski,
At fancy weddings, people have kosher kahlua ;)

The Cousin,
You're right on. And yeah, compliments on knowing the bar. Ha to the irrational numbers ;)

The Rashblog said...

I'm upset that I was NOT invited to this party. I mean, I probably wouldn't go anyway (maybe), but am I not cool enough for an invite? Hell, I'm a senior!

Aaron said...

OK,did you end up by going to this party or not? I heard the award ceremony was yesterday. Did you go to receive yours?