Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tightrope Walker

I came across a beautiful song today. It's called "Tightrope Walker" and it's by Epicure.

I love how she goes up to her friend and asks him to save her, and his response is to note that she's a tightrope walker and he's the streets below. But then there's this absolutely beautiful chorus where he tells her:

So put your arms down, honey,
This ain't no execution,
I was just watching you sleep.
So put that crown down, sugar,
This ain't no crucifiction,
I was just watching you,
I was just watching you sleep.

And the way that translates to me is that he's telling her it's okay to let it be. "Put your arms down, honey;" you don't have to be a tightrope walker, your arms spread out so that you can walk across and keep your balance. "Put that crown down, sugar;" you don't need to wear a crown of thorns and bear everyone's burdens. You're safe and you're okay, because I'm here to watch you and in fact, was just watching you sleep.

Notice how he doesn't promise to save her, but he does intimate that he'll keep her safe, because he'll watch her when she's sleeping, which is both protective and intensely kind. But most importantly, he comforts her because he tells her it's all going to be all right; everything is much more manageable than it seems at the moment. "Put your arms down, honey"- you don't need to do this anymore.

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