Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sarcasm Leveled Against Imaginary People

This is somewhat interesting.

As CS Louis, Mermaid and various others can attest, I have a reputation of being indisputably non-sarcastic. I don't get sarcasm, I generally don't like it; it flies right over my head and so on and so forth. (Though various members of their family claim there's hope for me yet, due to my exposure to them.)

The entertaining thing is, my entire English class thinks that I am supremely sarcastic. (This is the English class where I was called upon to perform in front of the class, in case you are wondering. And then my non-participation in Showcase was lamented, which was very sweet of all of them.) This to the point where my teacher actually said (in tones of relief), "This is one book that Olivia can't read sarcastically aloud, because it's already written that way!"

I think the deal is that I have no problem ripping fictitious characters to shreds, but I don't like exercising the ability upon people. Truth is, though, I bite my tongue more often than you realize...and save the comments for my English papers.

But I shall remain the presumably non-sarcastic me!

In other fun news, aside from moonlighting as an actress in English class, I have learned that if you wander around New York with bloodstains on one leg, no one will notice, grandmotherly old ladies sweetly "inquire" as to whether you are waiting for a cab if you stare strangely off into the distance while they alight from one, there are strange folks at the New York Public Library, and I have successfully managed to screw with my sleeping patterns so that I can't go to bed early even if I wish to. Also, Jovo manages to recall Sesame Street episodes from twenty years ago, which means he has an alarmingly good memory.

At some point I shall hopefully go attack some more imaginary people...papers await, and my headache endures. Sigh.


The Cousin said...

Ripping imaginary people is much more fun, because you know you're not really "hurting" or defaming a person or their reputation. [So, would criticism of a literary figure be considered lashon hora?] It's also a good way to redirect one's frustrations.

bloodstains on one leg,

Are you sure you're okay? [Obliged to check]

and I have successfully managed to screw with my sleeping patterns so that I can't go to bed early even if I wish to

That's something that can be remedied you know (non-pharmacologically at that). I can give you the name of some good doctors if you like ;)

Just make sure that you're getting enough sleep all together, so that you're not attacking windmills or anything like that.

Chana said...

Hey Cousin!

Nope, criticism of a literary figure can't possibly be considered lashon hara; therein lies the loveliness. You can be as cruel as possible and it's all good. ;-) Can I assume you too indulge in killing off imaginary people by harshly condemning their actions?

LOL to being obliged to check. I am currently fine; I had cut myself at the time (by accident) and it was a party.

Getting enough sleep, ha...sleep is such a fickle, fickle dream! Recommendations would be awesome, though.

Do you know, that's the most interesting image...a maiden with a sword fighting off a windmill. Intriguing!

Anonymous said...

“I don't get sarcasm, I generally don't like it;”

Not appreciating sarcasm (and irony) is usually indicative of a very undeveloped, childish sense of humor.

Anonymous said...


there is nothing wrong with a childish sense of humor....

Rather moody this morning,aren't you?!

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm is a form of anger.

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm is a form of anger.

Stubborn and Strong said...

saracatic is skill, u need a mind to know if someone is sarcastic or not. Children with Austim can't do that at all. My father are famous for that and people said i inherit it. Saracstic is almost opposite of the truth but u want people to know u are not telling truth but sametime you are testing them to see they could pick it up or not. True friends knows it right away. As you just put it up, "run away to see people follow you or not" it is almost like that. There is another reason, it is fun to amuse people bc sarcastic is also like joke and people who understand sarcastic will laugh with you. Yes, Sarcastic is little negative but i love it! It is little mean but you could get away from it.

G said...
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G said...

I think the deal is that I have no problem ripping fictitious characters to shreds, but I don't like exercising the ability upon people.
That is part of it. Many who find themselves in the sarcasm camp would probably tell you that they don't take many things seriously, or that they just don't think most things are truly a big deal.

Jew of the Desert said...

Tricky thing, sarcasm. Like legends of shadowdancers who are shrouded in mystery, sarcasm may be employed for the good or bad.

It is a vocal (and literary) technique, not so unlike reducto ad absurum, that flips words and logic on its head. (stating the obvious notwithstanding, the true point here is that it is not inherently destructive)

Some of it is used with brilliance and requires great intellect to understand in all its subtlety. Other times it is used in a bluntly caustic manner. I wouldn't label it as either positive or most phenomena in our world; it has a place in usage for either.

Chai18 said...

its C.S. Lewis....sorry i cant help myself sometimes