Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Hey Everybody,

I would really appreciate your help here.

I'm trying to figure out my summer plans. I would like to do some kind of internship or even have a job, assuming that it is interesting. However, I don't know where to begin or which opportunities would be available to me. Do you have any idea of jobs, internships or the like that would be available and/or websites I should look at?

I love English and Judaic Studies, so anything that somehow incorporates reading, writing, fun research or something like that would be perfect. Otherwise, feel free to branch out...I find lots of things interesting. I'd love to do something cool that's not in my area of interest- that's fine, too. Soup kitchens, homeless people, battered women, non-profit organizations...it's all good.

Thanks so much in advance!


Sarah Brodsky said...

Public policy esearch and writing internship:

Irina Tsukerman said...

I strongly recommend interning or applying for a fellowship at AJC (American Jewish Committee). I did a fellowship there over the summer, and found it a very interesting experience.

haKiruv said...

We have a profession/career planning department at our school that helps us find internships and jobs. Maybe there's something like that at your school.

Anonymous said...

There's always the OU's IPA (Institute for Public Affairs) internship in Washington, DC. Although it's very political, and sometimes the work can be boring, overall it's a great experience. You get to meet lots of interesting people and experience the government first hand, and there's often a substantial amount of research and writing involved.


the apple said...

and sometimes the work can be boring
THAT'S an understatement.

J/k. If you want to know more about that particular internship you can email me (I'll try to be objective :P).

Anonymous said...

YU is planning on opening oaid internships for research with humanities and Judaic Studies profesors this summer. It'll be similar to the science research internships--paid, you get to live in IHP, etc.

I'm pretty sure Dr. Grunhaus is looking for an intern to aid in her research of Radak this summer.
Maybe you'd like that.

If not, a meeting at the Office of Career Development would probably tell you more ideas than I could.