Monday, October 08, 2007

Ultimate Evil

To this day, I picture ultimate evil in these terms.

This is the only Disney villain that ever scared me, and he did that without ever saying a word.

Testament to the power of music, silence and masterful animation.

Which Disney villain scared the hell out of you?


Anonymous said...

The horned king is what I think the scariest of
all the villains. He is one of the reasons the why
The Black Cauldron is rated PG.

Brown said...

That guy scared me when I was little. It's interesting, that came out in 1940 in believe. Disney would NEVER have a character like that anymore. Of course Fantasia also had topless women and things like--so it's also indicative of a change in the times. But on the subject of villains, I think there are some that are not as scary, but who exude evil. Ursala, for example, is an amazing character. Not scary, but quite evil. Scar is also pretty bad--he kills his own brother in what's pretty close to an on-screen death. But yeah, Night on Bald Mountain guy is by far the creepiest.

Corner Point said...

Whoa...As a kid, that guy scared me out of my pants. But I think the dead people were scarier. They were more subtle, infectious, creepy...

My favorites were the hippo-ostritch-alligator ballet...And the horse people...And that drunk fat guy...Gosh, what memories. The last time I saw Fantasia must've been years ago.

I agree with you about villians in movies. Most vilians are fascinating studies, but I guess kids only see the evil without the psychology behind what makes them tick. Maybe that's why adults love well-made kids' movies so much.

Anonymous said...

"The Way that can be talked about is not the true Way."

"The name that can be named is not the eternal Name."

"If people think they know goodness
Then all the really know is what evil is like!"

--Lao Tzu, The Way and the Virtue
(Man-Ho Kwok and Martin Palmer translation)

yitz.. said...

actually the out of control broomsticks in the sorceror's apprentice in a way is more scary to me..

Lao Tzu isn't lying, but he is wrapping the truth in an inaccessible package, the truth isn't as inaccessible as he's making it.
לא בשמים היא...
כי בפיך ובלבבך לעשותו

Anonymous said...


That's your interpretation and that is not the conclusion that I draw.

He is not making the truth "inaccessible" rather he makes the truth accessible by making the person realize that it is their own mind and vanity that makes truth inaccesible (to use your words.) The book of Proverbs uses the same method.

Anonymous said...

If I can make one more point, the English language does not accurately convey the truth that is in the Chinese original, that is why their are so many translations that leave the reader with a completely difference sense of the message. I choose this one because it is one of only two that I feel are near to the truth of the original.

Erachet said...

I was never particularly frightened by Disney villains. I was more afraid of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast in two parts: once when he jumps up the entire flight of stairs and roars because Belle didn't come to dinner and the second when Belle goes into the West Wing and he yells at her. My brother and I used to hide behind the couch for that. Also, the witch in wizard of oz and, oddly, in We Sing in Sillyville - I was terrified of the blue men who sing, "there once was a man named michael finnigan" because when they say about his whiskers, "they fell out and then grew in again" they take their beards and pull them off and then snap them back up onto their chin and that REALLY freaked me out. I mean, beards are not supposed to come off!

Rare Find said...

I think that gargoyle-dragon-esque guy is cool.

I, admittedly, was scared of Jafar. I saw Aladdin in theaters, and he was really big.

haKiruv said...

The witches of Disney movies. Also the Wicked Witch of the West.

I just don't like witches.