Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blogging School

Good Morning, All. There's going to be a change on this blog. Namely, I am now going to be blogging school. Why? Because I enjoy blogging and I need to do schoolwork (as I have been informed by parental units very strongly this morning.)

So I'm going to blog school and you get to come along for the ride. This means that currently, you are enrolled in the following classes:

1. Shir Hashirim with Rabbi Mordechai Cohen
2. American Lit II
3. Survey of English Lit I
4. Elementary Russian I
5. Hebrew
6. Modern Problems with Christianity/ Islam (Avodah Zarah class)
7. Rabbinic Literature with Rabbi Kanarfogel

Fantastic. Stay posted for the first of a series.

On a related note, if you are a Stern student and engage in textual analysis/ interaction with Tanakh on your own (similar to the posts of mine that Duby so loves, basically using literary techniques to analyze biblical texts on your own), write me an email. I need to talk to you.


Ezzie said...

Oh crap. I don't need books, do I? I never really did buy schoolbooks...

Also, I don't have to go to class, right? I never really did that, either.


yitz said...

does this mean your homework assignments will be collaborative too, or we just get to read your notes?

Erachet said...

How do you like American Lit.? I always assumed I didn't care much for it and never took it, but then I heard from SJ that American Lit. II is really good. So...what do you think?

Erachet said...

Oooooh, I just got an amazing idea! What about creating a group blog called "Blog School" where a bunch of people can post about their classes, specifically, and their notes or anything about their classes, and then those reading can see if they like certain subjects or not, etc. and it could be so much fun! And people can ask for help if they don't understand something, etc. What do you think?

(yay school!)

Anonymous said...

Excellent! How about if you write up your notes on avoda zara class before the test, okay? ;-)

J/k, we can study together.

haKiruv said...

6. Modern Problems with Christianity/ Islam (Avodah Zarah class)

That sounds interesting. I wonder if the "Avodah Zarah" comment is geared towards Jews or non-Jews. That seems like an interesting topic alone.

Anonymous said...

Goody...since my daughter is in some of your classes [I think), maybe now I'll get a better idea of what she's studying.

Scraps said...

I took AmLit II when I was in Stern. If you ever need to be entertained, have me read you As I Lay Dying in dialect. My class was highly amused and surprised when I did it for them.

I also took Rabbinic Lit, which was awesome, but it was my first semester, and anyway he changes the subject material from semester to semester.

Anonymous said...

Phone call to be made this evening:

Me: Hey
Dad: Hi, Son #1?
Me: Nooo, Son #3.
Dad: Sorry. What's new?
Me: Not much, same old/same old. Oh, I did decide to start taking some college courses.
Dad: Really! Anything interesting?
Me: (Lists courses)
Dad: Where exactly are you going to be able to take all those kinds of classes?
Me: I didn't mention?...Stern.
Dad: Stern what?
Me: Stern "college"...
Dad: ...fooor girls.
Me: Uh huh.
Dad: **long pause**(overheard in the backround)Your son would like to speak to you...
Mom: Hi, dear. Why is your father pouring himself a glass of scotch?

Stubborn and Strong said...

g u are so funny! You made me laugh so hard. Keep it up with interesting conversation with your father.

haKiruv said...

G is hilarious. Although I pictured him as being older. Interesting.

Duby said...

(duby jumping up and down clapping his hands)

hoo lala! i got honorable mention on chana's blog!

my two years of ardous labor finally comes to fruition...



btw, "duby" is an internationally recognized trademarked symbol :).

Anonymous said...

G is hilarious. Although I pictured him as being older. Interesting.

Yes, he is...and yes, he is (if by older you mean post undergrad).

--he also likes talking in the second person (he thinks??)

Ezzie said...


And if you know his parents, it's exponentially funnier.

G is hilarious. Although I pictured him as being older. Interesting.

At least he's no Old Bones.

Anonymous said...

I catch your blog about once every 6 months - and every time I do, I say "I should come by more often".

And you know what, I think this time I will mean it.

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