Friday, October 19, 2007

Car Trips

Hey Dustfinger and Boys, you know how we always plan for car trips? And we get cold cuts and cans of soda and potato chips and pack the cooler and then head off for wherever we are going? And don't forget the beer sticks!

So today I bought candy for a vanful/ carful/ maybe busful of people. Because it's not right to go off on a car trip without proper snacks! ;-) And the reason I thought of it was because of you and the way we always work it and so, here's a shout out because I miss you. Hope everything's going well!

I think the Duane Reade guy must have been pretty perplexed this morning. Purchases:

1. Wrapping paper
2. Static spray
3. Jumbo bag of M&Ms

But I'm sure he's seen stranger. In fact, I know of times when I have purchased a more eclectic assortment of items...yes, good times.

An excellent related quote between Lightman and myself.

Lightman: Can you be my funeral planner?
Me: Hell yeah, we'll plan each others' funerals! THAT'S what friends are for! yeah!

And the newest line...

Me: I'm not a complete idiot, you know.
Lightman: Yeah, you're an almost complete idiot.
Me: (dies laughing) You should do that more often!
Lightman: I thought I already did?
Me: No, no, be mean to me more often! It's good for you!

Plus, why are there so many creepy men in New York? Yesterday's encounter with two creepy black guys was not so fun. Shudder. Ah well. More stories for me!


Anonymous said...

Of course you know that New York is a cournacopia of people, of all shapes, sizes and wierdness--even the creepy ones. Without them, how would one be entertained on the subway or at work?

And I'd have to assume that a cashier at Duane Reade has seen much wierder purchases than yours--look at the eclectic mix of people who frequent the store.

Oh, and of course, work has provided me with more stories which I should share...

~The Cousin

Anonymous said...

"Lightman: I thought I already did?
Me: No, no, be mean to me more often! It's good for you!"

I hear Lakewood's nice this time of year...*wicked grin*


Anonymous said...