Sunday, October 07, 2007

This Past Weekend

You know those times when you've had so much fun that you feel let down after it all ends?

Right, so now is one of those times. The bubble pops! and reality sets in.

After having had a completely crazy, fun, fantastic weekend & carride, I now return to boring, mundane work. Namely:

1. Rabbi Mordechai Cohen (Paper + Reading + Da'at Mikrah)
2. Timothy Krause's English paper for "Beowulf"
3. Two newspaper articles
4. One copyediting piece
5. Russian, Russian and more Russian

And I'm sure there's more; I simply have yet to discover it.

I would be able to embark upon all of this were I a) back at Stern proper b) had my laptop plugged in and charged c) had a cellphone that was charged. I can't work until I'm back where I should be. It's a pity, but I can't focus.

Perhaps I'll be back to my happier self later.


MF said...

that was a quick blog post. I also had an interesting car ride. Unfortunately it appears that I offended dustfinger on the phone and for that I apologize. Looking forward to future conversations. Good luck with your paper. (Chana might have a present for you...)

Scraps said...

I'm glad you had such a fantastic weekend! I had an incredibly fun and fantastic weekend as well. Going back to the "real world" is going to be a real bummer.

Hatzlacha rabba with all the homework...

Anonymous said...

Go anywhere interesting?