Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Short Version

More later, hopefully, but in short:

-Attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on Friday with Dana (who is absolutely fabulous) as a student/ to observe. Was lucky enough to get to attend an anniversary meeting. Flipping awesome.
-Bought cookies at a bakery in Boro Park!
-Spent Shabbat in Boro Park!
-Met awesomely fun people over Shabbat.
-Took the F to Queens afterwards, went to get pizza and ice cream from Max & Mina's and then hung out with Serach and Ezzie.
-Went to the Fat Cat
-Took the 1 back to Washington Heights and overheard a strange conversation about tacos.

Life is a lovely conglomeration of wonderful pastries and confections.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, this cheered me up. :-)