Thursday, January 14, 2010

odd and happy things that have happened lately

1. I am very dizzy. This is specific to today. I think I finally understand what the term lightheaded means. I feel like I'm going to faint, except I haven't yet. So I guess I'll just stay dizzy instead.

2. A bunch of people have separately asked me (in completely different contexts) if I am a singer and told me that if I'm not, I should sing. This is both flattering and strange.

3. A bunch of people have also asked me if I am Oriental, Russian or some other ethnicity lately. Guess that's the Bukharian in my blood. People always try to describe why they think I'm different and fail. Ah well. The best was the guy who said "your eyes aren't set in your face like a normal white chick's." Thanks...I think?

4. The lady at Barnes & Noble today had awesome fingernails. They were all black, except one, which was painted in red and gold sparkly polish. I complimented her and we became friends. Her name is Stephanie.

5. I discovered the song "Afterglow" by INXS and I really like it. Mostly I like the concept of living in people's afterglows in general. I think that's a beautiful concept. That way you never lose anyone. You just keep them with you forever.

6. I saw an old man zipping up two little boys' jackets today and almost started crying. I really miss you, Grandpa. I was remembering how you and Grandma used to pick us up from the JCC. I wish I had appreciated you more then. Oddly, I heard a baby crying in Barnes & Noble and also wanted to (but didn't) cry. It upsets me when babies cry; I want to comfort them. (On the other hand, Midrashically speaking, maybe that's proof of the Egyptian method of bringing babies to the Jewish women's house, hitting their Egyptian baby so it cried in order to find out the Hebrew babies.)

7. This one cannot be overstated: I love The Little Old Lady, I love The Little Old Lady, I love The Little Old Lady. I think she and Abergakames are the only ones who have some kind of cheer-up drug in their very voices. All you have to do is talk to them and you suddenly feel like you've been shot up with some kind of joy elixir. It's insanely fabulous.


inkstainedhands said...

Ha.. I love it when people start trying to say what I look like.

I've gotten some pretty interesting things over the years. (Aside from the fact that I'm Russian.)

admirer said...

Chana, you are very pretty and one classy lady! And you have brains!

Unknown said...

have a good night!

Adam said...

Thank you for pointing out Afterglow.

That concept is similar to one in I Am A Strange Loop (by Douglas Hofstadter.)

In it, among a fascinating discussion about the nature of consciousness, he points out that we absorb little models of our acquaintances personalities into ourselves. The more we know a person, the more we can anticipate their responses, think with their thoughts, and feel their presence and voice inside of us. Thus, as he points out, when someone dies they are never really gone until all who knew them are - for we carry little pieces of everyone within us.