Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I Dream of Degeishim

We have reached a terrifying point.

I woke up this morning sleepily trying to figure out how to put a Vav in front of the word Eimah (terror.)

Should it be VUH-Eimah because it begins with an aleph? What is the construct state for Eimah? Does it change? Become eimas? Can we have 'terror of?' This is what my mind asked me this morning.

Even better, I remembered homework I had done and felt a stab of terror in my heart as I realized I had done it wrong. At this juncture, I leaped out of bed, eager to correct it. See, I had the words 'Mi Vara [Who Created]' next to each other and took out the dageish in 'Vara' because it is following the yud of 'Mi.' So it is following a vowel. But, argued my sleepy awakening mind, that's wrong! That's not a vowel! That's an eim keriah! And terrified, I looked at my homework only to think- yeah, that's an eim keriah for the word Mi but a vowel as far as the dageish in Vara is concerned. 'It's the same as kli chesef as opposed to kli kesef," I thought to myself with satisfaction. Stop being so alarmed.

I dream in Biblical Hebrew.

Dr. Steiner would be proud.

Update: Ari explained the vav and Bakol prepositions don't work the same way; the hey elides into the Bakol prepositions but not into the vav, so it'd be 'Ve-HUH-eimah'- sometimes the hey does elide into vav, but we didn't learn that yet. Yay.


Anonymous said...

Dream in Akkadian and Dr. Steiner will be even prouder.

Rabba bar bar Chana said...

Dreaming arcane homework thoughts? Yup, you're a real grad student now!

Malka said...

I am so jealous!!!
I want to know grammar in my sleep :(

Joseph the Dreamer said...

Degeishim, eh? Was it intentional that you started this post with:
"We have reached a terrifying point."


So now I know what I am. (wink wink)

The Cousin said...

And I find myself waking up with dreams (and occasional nightmares) about work/work related things.

Fun...I think not...


Avi-Gil said...

Maybe I'd have done better in Dr. Steiner's class if I dreamt of degeishim too...