Friday, September 26, 2008

Stern Girl Fishing

My friend Mr. President mentions that his favorite sport is Stern Girl Fishing, then actually imitates throwing out a line and reeling it in. This after he stuns several girls by walking into Brookdale Lobby and actually annoucing, "Ladies, come and get it," after tapping at his chest and throwing out his hands in an expansive gesture.

I tell this to my other friend, who says to me as follows:

"It's not fishing. I don't fancy that imagery."

Just as I was about to tell him that he was being silly by not buying into the joke, he stuns me with his final line.

"Think of it as butterfly catching."

Perfection, isn't it?

He continues. "Instead of pulling up the hook, I'm outting down my net." He smirks. "How do you like me now?"

That was fine until he decided to tell me that, having revised his opinion, it's actually more like "cockroach sticky traps."

At this point, had he only been nearby, I would have thrown a pillow at him. Since he was not, he'll just have to wait until later to get creamed.


cockroache-phobic said...

What a transition from "buterfly catching" to "cockroach sticky traps." Does your friend not know that cockroaches are every girl's nightmare. Hey friend,watch out! Chana will make you pay for this stunt of yours!

dman said...

Are these two boys (they're not mature enough to be referred to as men) students at YC? If so, perhaps they need to attend a mussar shmuez rather than engaging in "Stern Girl Fishing", "butterfly catching", or "cockroach sticky trapping".

I am old enough to be the father of the young women they seek to attract. I wouldn't want either one for a son-in-law, hope that my son will have more sense to think about women in this manner and also hope that my daughters will know better than to be attracted to such people.

another curious parent said...

how do you suggest Stern girls
meet young men for the purpose of dating? Shidduchim don't work for everyone, ie ,not everyone likes to be set up that way.

dman said...

If any of my daughters attend Stern (I have one who already graduated college and two in high school), I would want them to have ways other than shidduchim to meet young men. My problem was with the attitude of the "boys" as described by Chana, not with visits of young men to Brookdale.

SemGirl said...

First the drunk guy from the bar, now these pretty harmless characters. You seem to be meeting all the 'winners' lately, Chana.. jk..

Chana said...

Okay, you are all taking this way too seriously...these are my *friends* and they were teasing/ playing around with me. I enjoy that.

dman said...

My humor sensor appears to be disconnected this morning. Sorry.

dman said...

As the father of three daughters, I am concerned about the tendency of boys/men in the general society to treat girls/women as objects, and very concerned about any occurrence of that kind of behavior in the frum community. I would hope that the behavior of YC students would be guided by the Torah they are learning.

The Cousin said...

*rolls eyes*

These guys are more likely to get items thrown at them for having egos that large. Somehow or another they'll learn.

Yet, for some reason, more often than not, it seems girls fall for these types...

Anonymous said...


I agree that the "attitude of the 'boys'" is problematic. Superficially reading Chana's anecdote, one would conclude that these boys are idiots. But I think that there is a subtle point missing from the story, an element which might change your point of view about this specific case. The manner in which these egotistical remarks were being made (In a room full of stern girls, mind you) was not meant to mock women, but rather to mock those silly boys that do come down to stern with their big egos, and try to "pick up" women. The concept of "Stern girl Fishing" and the comment, "Stern girls, come and get it!" were not only said in jest but were also meant to satirize "general society's" tendency to treat women as objects. These comments were so RIDICULOUS that I don't think anyone in the room actually thought the boys were being serious. I dare say, that maybe some of the girls even appreciated other guys making fun of the boys who unfortunately, really think this way. So I think that if you re-read it with this view in mind, you might be able to appreciate the story for what it truly was meant to convey.

Mr. President

Anonymous said...

A real friend or an imaginary friend?

dman said...

"Mr. President":

Obviously, I wasn't there.

This may be one of those things that don't translate well to the printed page.

Anonymous said...

Dear Posters,

I agree with Mr President.

No sane people actually think of girls as fish or cockroaches (maybe butterflys though). The reason the analogy was changed from butterfly catchers to cockroach stick pads was only for the sake of accuracy since most guys are a more passive than using a net.
And I doubt that any daughter of anyone would be attracted to someone who treats her like a fish (mermaids excepted).

The "some reason" that The Cousin mentioned why some girls do fall for these guys is, I feel, because they themselves want to be objectified; they know they have little else to offer and, like everyone, need companionship.

So it turns out, however girls decide to show themselves, is how the guy will see them.

I hope I havn't upset anyone.
The Other Friend

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canadian princess said...

congratulations. this post actually made me laugh out loud. tho if u all must argue the psychological motivations behind the quite witty remarks, i'd say it's a fresh insight into the lovely insecurities felt by our YC counterparts when it comes to sensitivity. adorable!

Jack said...

Maybe I am just being juvenile, but this made me chuckle.