Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Broken World

And Arthur. What of Arthur? Can you sense his broken world? It was the winds of his darkness that I rode into this room tonight. He was a child of the most golden of the promises of your species—the promises emanating from the unlocking of the universe by his adopted uncle, his family, their associates, their friends. They held in their hands the light of creation—and returned to the world the light of death. Walk in that shadow, Gershon. Taste and see that shadow. You will begin to understand Arthur, who flees from world to world—physics to revolution to the rabbinate to the Far East to Korean activists to—where? What? Does he search to locate himself in a corner of the world untainted by the shattered promises? Now he flees to Hiroshima—to find what? He is among the most bloodied of your generation. He has the most to forget, and can forget nothing.

Gershon spoke up and said to the darkness, He has a friend.

~The Book of Lights, 324

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