Monday, September 22, 2008

Rally Against Ahmadinejad (For Israel)

Well, I attended the rally against Ahmadinejad. And I am happy I was there, since I think it would be insane to allow a madman nuclear weapons, especially as he wants to kill Jews.

But I also felt like I wanted to cry.

Why? Because, of course, the Neturei Karta also made an appearance. And people somehow feel justified in determining that they are not Jews, in spitting at them or shouting slurs at them. Do you really think God desires to see this just before Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur? Does nobody remember the civil war that took place between Ephraim and the men of Gilead? What about the war after the pilegesh in Givah? And weren't those very legitimate reasons to fight? And yet, didn't they end in complete sadness for us all?

Here we stand, spitting at our brethren, cursing at them, who yes, may be mistaken, and the media tapes us, and we think this is right?

If they were merely against Zionism, there would be no problem. The problem comes in that they are perceived as being PRO-Ahmadinejad, who would like to kill us all. I would be curious to know whether that is really the case- do they really want all of us dead? Somehow I imagine not. They are probably naive and think that Ahmadinejad will destroy Israel, the state and country, but not the Jews therein. Let us hope so, anyway...

The point is, the rally was AGAINST AHMADINEJAD...not against our confused brethren.


Anonymous said...

You must have been standing within a few feet of me when you snapped that picture - anyway imho having been attending these rallies and marches for longer than I care to remember, it is not worth lowering yourself to engage them in a heated manner as this is part of their goal to get attention. IMHO a simple verbal tochacha so it is clear we are not mkabeil (because it is highly unlikely that we will change their opinion) is sufficient. HKB"H will provide the final reckoning.

Joel Rich

Anonymous said...

I have two solutions as far as Neturei Karta sect is concerned:

A. They should live in Iran and experiece "wonderful treatment" of the Jews there;
B An authentic Herem should be imposed on this group.

Irina Tsukerman said...

I was there, as well! Very close to where you were taking those pics in fact! :)

Anonymous said...

The case of the Neturai Karta is very much different than the biblical civil war you mention.

This organization, the Neturai Karta, supports the killing of Jews. The give money and support the work of various terrorist organizations. What are you supposed to do with people who support those who want to kill you because they feel you are wrong and against the will of Hashem? Now, stooping to their level with the spitting and cursing is too far; however, as one person told me about the Neturai Karta:
"These are the kinds of Jews who like being spit on."

I say let them live in their own separate world, while the rest of us will live in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Overall, how was the rally? I couldn't go (trying to get across town mid-day?) I've read a lot of things about it, and am trying to get a more complete opinion.

As for the NK, eh, I'd really pay them no mind. If memory serves me, a year or two ago a small delgation of them went to Iran and publically met with Ahmedinejad. Probably the largest reason most Jews dislike the NK is because the NK are used by the media, and Israel's enemies as support for their cause. It gives Israel's enemies the chance to say: "see here-these Jews agree with us". That's where most of the resentment comes into play.