Tuesday, July 10, 2007

T-Shirt Design Day!

It's fun day at The Curious Jew!

It's T-Shirt Design Day!

I have long thought we need an official J-Blogosphere t-shirt (whether to wear at home or proudly on the streets is up to you.) Or maybe just to "virtually" wear at our blogs.

Just imagine all the fun things we could say and put up at CafePress (we need a J-Blog store, in fact.)

"J-Blog Pride"
"J-Blog Lurker"
"I Comment At Hirhurim"
"I Comment At ______"
"Lurking and Proud"
"My Fantasy World Takes Precedence over Reality: J-Blog Pride"
"Jewish and Blogging"
"The Jewish Bloggers Network"
"Haveil Havelim Rocks my Socks"

(those are just examples- don't shoot me)

and of course something catchy/ funny (one of you guys would have to work on that angle).

Oh, and of course we could have specific t-shirts for specific blogs (if you made one for me, it'd probably have Beauty and the Beast/ Curious George overtones, for example.)

Anyway, today's T-Shirt design day.

Head over to CustomInk's design lab and come up with something, save it, they'll email it to you, then post the link in the comments (it can be specific to me, to all the blogs- it doesn't matter!)


Let's play!


Jack Steiner said...

Jameel's Waffle House has got to be included.

Ezzie said...

Hehe. This is going to be fu...

wait, NO being mean or insulting?! Come on, this is BLOGGING we're talking about! :P

Holy Hyrax said...

Jameel had an idea of putting something like:

These are my co-workers___________________


we can put Jack being brutally beaten up by a giant waffle.

Anonymous said...

My name is _________
My blogger ID is _______

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

The best one Ive seen is:

(FRONT): I'm not the Godol Hador.
(Back): But I know who is! :-)

Jack Steiner said...

we can put Jack being brutally beaten up by a giant waffle.

Impossible. Everyone knows that I would beat a waffle hands down.

Juggling Frogs said...

Here is the shirt I made in response to this post:
Nu shirt

A few weeks ago, I made shirts for my kids for my blog (I was too cheap to buy from my own cafepress site LOL):
Triumph of Imperfection: Juggling Frogs shirts for the kids