Sunday, July 01, 2007

I'm The Kind Of Person Who...

Let's play a fun new game. It works like this. You have to add to the comments and describe what kind of person you are.

I'm the Kind of Person Who...
  • Walks down Broadway with a green and glittering face, receiving strange looks from people who don't realize it's Wicked Day- and adoring looks from children, who all exclaim, "Look, it's a witch!"
  • Dances in the rain
  • Looks out for marooned umbrellas (and creates life stories for them)
  • Enjoys introductions (and being candid and shocking and suprising people. Who always think to themselves, oh my god, did she actually just say, "This is the part where we all feel awkward and look at each other wondering what to do with ourselves?" Yes, I said it, you laughed and now we're all happy. And guess what? It's actually less awkward. Strange, but true.)
  • Draws on tablecloths (the plastic kind. Or cuts them up with my plastic cutlery, or writes my name on foam cups with a fingernail, then presents them to people as though they're gifts of note.)
  • Loves face-paint. Not makeup, though that's fun, too, but face paint. The kind that kids put on their faces at carnivals and whatnot? Yup. I walk around with hearts and smiles and all other kinds of designs painted on my face whenever I can get away with it. Oh, and I've been known to let kids use me as a canvas, which results in some very interesting designs.
  • Loves dress-up. Costumes of any kind/ plays/ skits- I'm so in.
  • Loves anything sparkly/ glittery. I've been known as the glitter girl since the beginning of time. All my screennames have something to do with flashes/ sparks/ glitter/ gems, anything shiny, pretty much. I have lots of glittery scarfs; my favorite barettes are ones that glitter. I appreciate glitter glue.
  • Walks on rooftops (did this at camp all the time)
  • Curtsies upon meeting strangers (only the ones who will appreciate this)
  • Doodles (all the time, everywhere. All of my notebooks have sketches of girls, as do my chandlers/ assignment notebooks, other people's notebooks, various and assorted loose sheets of paper, at times other people's hands.)
  • Writes very fast (my Biology teacher informed me that if nothing else works out for me, I can always fall back on being a court stenographer. Well, I did take down everything funny he said that year and presented him with a list of "Quotable Quotes" that had over 100 quotes. Oh, and shoutout to my other friend who has forbidden me to write her name who also wrote copious notes in that class...)
  • Says hello to strangers in the street (people are a lot friendlier in Chicago, but I haven't given up on the New York folks yet. Some of them are actually super-nice. Or they just appreciate the craziness of some random girl.)
  • Lives at the YU Library (on the 5th floor, in the back, at one of the corner tables. I'm actually missing that library so much right now...)
  • Overhears snippets of conversation and thinks about how I could work them into stories (and creates lives for the people I see on the subway/ at the mall)
  • Embarks upon very strange escapades (you don't want to know)
  • Likes lots of different kinds of people (it cracks me up, sometimes, what would happen if all my friends/acquaintances were in one room together. I think it would come to blows.)
  • Is usually un-self-conscious (I said usually)
  • Generally provokes some kind of reaction (I said generally)
  • Believes that people are inherently good (whether it's true or whether it's something that I simply want to believe, I don't know)
  • Has learned to laugh at myself (I was not good at this before- I can do it now; it's a good thing)
  • Thinks we can change things- if we care enough

What about you?


Ezzie said...

Oh, I could have *so* much fun with this...

(And no, I won't explain, since you're going to ask. It's more fun that way. :) )

Chana said...

you're just an evil person, ezzie...

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

I'm the kind of person who...

...climbs up the fire escape when i'm locked out of my apartment building
...takes every song on the radio and applies it to Lekha Dodi
...doesn't cross streets against the light [even though i'm a New Yorker] unless there are girlfriends or rabbis involved
...sometimes wears a jacket and tie, and sometimes wears khakis/jeans and sandals, but not much in between
...points out to people when they make grammatical 'errors', not because they're 'wrong' but because they're interesting
...doesn't read this blog enough :-)

Erachet said...

I'm the kind of person who...

...wishes I could be the favorite of all the teachers I admire.

...debates with myself too much over whether or not to go talk to someone or do something and then misses the opportunity completely.

...laughs extremely easily at things and sometimes even starts laughing just at remembering or thinking of something funny.

...the nurse still makes my mom come in the room with me at the doctor's office because she doesn't realize I'm over 18.

...gets angry and flared up easily but likes to wait for someone to notice instead of making a big deal about it out of the blue.

...and on that vein, gets quietly upset but really does hope someone notices and asks what's wrong. afraid of cars, and that includes driving them or just crossing the street.

...edits books as I read them. extremely stubborn and not easily convinced I'm wrong.

...thinks of great comebacks AFTER the fact.

...pretends to be braver than I really am. (ha, well, now that you all know, guess that won't work much with any of you =) oh well).

...listens to music in order to figure out what should happen to the characters in my stories.

...has very little confidence in myself.

...relaxes about an hour after take-off on an airplane because if there were terrorists, they probably would have acted already.

...feels a very close connection with God even without being the world's most diligent davener.

...hopes I'm not coming off too negatively in this little survey thing.

Ezzie said...

I know. :P

Irina Tsukerman said...

First - I just LOVE your new banner!

Ahem, now to the description

... loves random encounters in the subway and elsewhere, and also loves all the NYC subway stories
... is obsessed with photography, and what's particularly strange, with taking pictures of interesting food she encounters
... LOVES animals of all sorts of different types, more than little kids actually
... walks very quickly and often, looking straight down or straight ahead, without noticing what's happening around her
... constantly has a list of various songs playing around in her head
... always associates books/characters/movies/songs/art pieces/moods, creating a very strange mix
... prefers the DARK side
... has always loved to play PRetend and still isn't ashamed of doing so as an adult
... is obsessed with matching colors/clothes and accessories as closely as possible
... runs around on pebble-covered beaches, looking for treasures
... preferst the night ocean, when it's a bit eerie
... gives great credence to her internal dialogue
... always makes lists... of gifts, food, people's siblings/kids/names, future dreams and possessions, and uses these lists to calm down and fall asleep faster
... imagines strange scenarios and adventures involving her and people she often barely knows
... looks for adventures everywhere, and consequently, even when she doesn't specificaally has anything in mind, attracts strangeness of all sorts
... loves surprises (good ones)
... is not afraid to try new types of food, no matter how weird it sounds
... hoards things, rocks, clothes, books, whatever, and is always afraid of "using them up"
... looks for meaning in various signs/dreams/astrological symbols and influences

Holy Hyrax said...

I'm the kind of person who...

Is too torn to care anymore about anything

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...


if you like to play pretend, have you tried RPGs?