Friday, July 20, 2007


Hello readers.

I'm looking at my poll results (the one where you so kindly voted) and according to poll #2, only 24 of you know me.

If that is so, how is it that 45 of you voted in answer to my question "If you know me, do I know you read my blog?"

I am mystified. Perhaps you can explain?


haKiruv said...

Poll #3 doesn't apply to me, so I didn't vote.

Scraps said...

Me neither.

Shoshana said...

Yeah, um, I think I could have been part of that bunch. Oops. (I don't follow directions very well.)

Anonymous said...

I bet that there were people who don't know you well, and they never let you know that you read the blog, and they probably just wrote that they don't know you because in reality, they hardly do.

Then, they saw the last question, and realized that they answered the second quesiton incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

It's the compulsive desire to answer any survey question put in front of us. Generally, online surveys follow the tree method. If the next survey question does not apply based on a previous answer, it is not displayed. This is the digital age and all. Not so with your darling survey. It presented us with the question after we had already answered no to the question before. Also, people probably figured that there were more questions coming since the survey would only display the next question after you had answered the previous. They therefore wanted to answer the question even though it didn't apply to them so they could continue with the survey. The combination of these two reasons caused me to answer the question even though I had answered no to the question before.

I answered no though... If someone answered yes, now THAT would really worry me.