Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Purple Badge of Honor

Pretty much a year ago I told you about The Blue Badge of Honor.

Well, last night Mt. Sinai Shul here in Washington Heights held a blood drive and my iron was at 13.1 (yay for a good iron count) so I could give! And I got to wear the Purple Badge of Honor. The best part was when I asked my phlebotomist to tell me a story that happened to him due to his work. He told me that he met his wife at a blood drive! And now they are married and have a kid! I think that is one of the awesomest places ever to meet your wife.

Yay for Damn Sexy Blood Donors! Give some blood and join the Facebook group, or better yet, give platelets (I just found out about platelet donation yesterday and it sounds awesome!)

In other news, I hope you guys are still reading the Batya updates because Batya WALKED WITH A WALKER yesterday and it was awesome and the hospital staff cheered for her and basically life is fabulous.


Anonymous said...

I still thank 'sexy' cheapens it.

Anonymous Says: February 19, 2008 4:38 PM

Chana said...

Dear Anonymous from 2008,

Ha! You made me smile. Thanks for still reading two years later!