Monday, February 18, 2008

Damn Sexy Blood Donors of the World, Unite!

I'm wearing the green badge of honor on my arm again!

I gave blood today, and therefore I'm damn sexy. That's the way it goes, ladies and gentlemen...if you want to be damn sexy, you have to give blood. Or try your hardest to do so; we'll forgive you if your iron count is too low or your bile is too yellow and so on and so forth.

Damn Sexy Blood Donors of the World, Unite!

This is how we save the pint of blood at a time.


needle-phobic said...

I'm too much of a chicken,have this needle-phobia!
Congrats to Olivia-sexy blood donor of the world!

Eitan Kastner said...

Do you think the person fortunate enough to receive your blood will have some of your superabundant energy afterward? I like to think that he or she will.

a lurker said...

I am with Eitan.
I hope that the person who gets your blood will also receive a bit of your love for children,reading,adventures and such.

The Cousin said...

if you want to be damn sexy, you have to give blood

Guess I can't be "damn sexy" then.
(Ineligible to donate)

Though I often do lend my veins for budding phlebotomists to practice on
(Yay corporate guinea pigs!)

Jersey said...

Know what? I'm sexy. I may not be damn sexy, but I'm sexy. And I am sexy despite not giving blood. Alas, I can't give blood. Physical impossibility. (Translation: I'm scared of blood, needles, and band-aids.) Is there any other way to become damn sexy without giving blood?

NoFreeLunch said...

Giving blood is awesome, I'm really sorry I'm ineligible, but I'm kind of curious why sexiness is the ultimate measure of stuff like that. I mean, both sex and blood donation are great things, but nobody says, "Sex is so wonderful, it's just as good as donating blood!"

one of your admirers said...

Olivia,you are so playful!
Only you can make such an interesting connection between blood donation and sexiness. I can only imagine the ideas you'll come up with to get your books sold.
Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Agree with nofreelunch. What does giving blood (something I agree is a wonderful thing to do) have to do with sexiness? And why use the word sexy? It kind of cheapens the deed, and it kind of cheapens yourself. I think there are a lot of things we should aspire to, but I don't know if being damn sexy is one of them. I'm curious why you (pretty frequently) use terms like that.

Chana said...

Dear Everybody,

Thanks for all the fun comments! To explain why giving blood makes you damn sexy, it works like so...People's beauty comes from their good deeds. There is nothing more beautiful than helping to save lives, whether that be through giving blood, giving your time to some important cause or otherwise volunteering for something important. The media likes to give us all an idea of what is sexy and desirable...well, the most desirable thing in the world is truly something like this- something wonderful-like giving blood! And therefore, the people who do so are damn sexy, in the true sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

K, thanks for explaining. Although I still think it would be more fitting to simply call it beautiful.

SaraK said...

Tizku L'mitzvot!

Bas~Melech said...

To all the DSBDs: Do you find that it feels the same every time? I always planned to become a DSBD as soon as I came of age... but my first time, I felt really rotten afterwards and I've been slightly chicken since then. (i.e. saying I can't afford to give on a school/work night because I need to be vertical the next day... oh well, that leaves Shabbos. Or after work on Friday, but I'm never well-rested and hydrated after a whole week of work)

If you DSBDs can convince me that my initial experience is not an indicator for the future, then sign me up!