Thursday, February 14, 2008

Friends & Thank-Yous

This is a shoutout to:

  • Muffins, for going out of his way, even though he was comfortably sleeping on his couch, to stop by Key Food in order to buy me something I needed, and Sorceress, for volunteering to pick it up rather than having me go all the way to Washington Heights. Thanks also to Sorceress for then being kind enough to bring the item with her to class so I wouldn't have to stop by her dorm.

  • Hitman, for being the best, most supportive, most wonderful big brother ever. You rock, and I love you.

  • Starlight, for wanting to have dinner with me (so incredibly sweet of her.)

  • Golden-Haired Girl, for all her care and concern, even when I am not really talking.

  • Ezzie, for conversations that last till 2 in the morning.

  • Scraps, for calling and being concerned for me and inviting me over for various Shabbatot.

  • Apple, for having fun with me in English class.

  • Simia and Ibn Abraham, who hosted the most entertaining radio show ever (and had me call in so that I could join the fun.) Thanks to Simia for explaining to me how people are marvelous and telling me to have fun in the snow, and to Ibn Abraham for our recent discussion- hurrah for haircuts!

  • Moshe, for talking to me when I need it, and knowing the right words to say.

  • Simcha, for being a beautiful person in every single way.

  • Every day I think about how lucky I am to know such wonderful people. God has blessed me- thank you for everything.


    Anonymous said...

    Chana, the old adage states that "it takes one to know one".
    The reason you have such good friends is because you are a good and caring friend to them.
    You are indeed blessed!

    Anonymous said...

    I saw you today and you looked tired. Be good to yourself. Do something fun with your friends over the weekend. All those school commitments of yours will have to wait for a change.

    Moshe said...

    No, no, no...Thank YOU!!!! -- because I learn something new in each and every conversation we have.