Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Get Ready...Get Set...It's Almost Here!

So, as you folks know, every year I make a party on my birthday! It's my official birthday masquerade! Except this year it's even better because it's a birthday masquerade and also a this-is-the-year-I-got-married party!

Notable comments from last year's masquerade:

shadchan Says: My hands are cupped.
You know who I am, I need not disguise or disrobe.
In my hands is a dancing glow--
I present you with the other half of your soul.
ahh, but like the snitch (of quidditch) as I open my palms it zigzags away!
You saw the glow! Now catch that spark!

shadchan's cronie: amen! this year!

Your Secret Bochur: I walk briskly, peyos swinging, my black hat tipped over my face.
We're so different, yet so alike.
Will you marry me?
Happy birthday, Chana.


For the record, Heshy is not the one who wrote the "Your Secret Bochur" comment. I know this for a fact because he was on the train at the time/ had no Internet access there. So I'm still supremely curious about the identity of that commenter. Feel free to unmask yourself at some point.

In any case...get excited! Coming up soon this December 31st.


Anonymous said...

Smiles. -Heshy

Anonymous said...

Ah, but was Heshy one of the first two comments?

Anonymous said...

no if i remember correctly i was the first two ;)
best early bday wishes