Thursday, September 20, 2007


elusive magnificent tease
enthrall me in your embrace
I could gladly die there
if only you would let me taste
of your deadly poison

poison me tonight
so that I lie drugged, immobile
scents of poppy on the air
alone with you, inside the dark
an intimate experience
in the depths of beyond

I want you, be my lover
come, I claim you
be mine


I am dying to go to sleep.


Anonymous said...

The noble Pillow...the only thing in life that will never let you down :)

Erachet said...

In the hotel my family stayed at in San Francisco, they gave out special sleep CDs. We took ours home and now I have one! Whenever you feel a sleepless night coming along, come borrow it sometime! :D

Scraps said...

I hate those nights when sleep is so precious because it is so elusive. If I stay up of my own volition it's one thing, but if I'm trying and trying and trying to fall asleep and I can't, it makes me nuts (and exhausted).

Stubborn and Strong said...

i think you miss my musical coughing that makes you go sleep. ;-P

Stubborn and Strong said...

oh by the way, if u really want to go sleep, GET OFF THIS DEMON COMPUTER! Because the bright light from the computer makes your body confused that it is day not night so RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPUTER!

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