Tuesday, September 04, 2007

happy again

All is joyous. :-)


To add on to that, my roommate has watched me put on quite the show tonight. First, I came to my room and was happy. Then, after having been on my computer for a while, my face fell and I was lying on my bed with my phone to my ear, being miserable. Then I turned on my side and was even more unhappy and somehow figured that if she couldn't see me, that meant I wasn't crying. After this conversation, I continued to mope about, picked up various books and tried to work- but couldn't, as my mind was occupied.

We went downstairs to the Mocktails party. I ate gummy bears with a kind of cruel disdain, then went back upstairs and avoided all my friends. Turned out all the lights in my room except for the one above my desk, then wrote something up, posted it, and tried to get myself to work. Played music in my iHome and placed my laptop on my bed, leaving desk space free. Couldn't manage to get anything done and finally started blasting music as though that would help. Morosely looked at my computer, checked my email, gave a shout of joy, knelt down beside my bed as though I was worshipping the computer...and this is the precise moment my roommate comes in.

She sees her roomate kneeling on the floor and typing on her laptop, which has been given a place of honor on the bed. She sees that all the lights are out except the desk light and that the iPod is blasting Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest. She comes very close to me, leans down, puts her hand on my forehead and says in a very concerned voice, "Are you okay?"

I don't even realize how perplexed she must be, but suddenly jump up and move the laptop to my desk. "Oh, fine, fine!" I gasp, then start laughing hysterically as I consider the scene.

Later on in the evening, my best friend calls to apologize for something when I am the one who has been horrid to her all day, so I call her back to apologize to her and we have a lovely conversation and I'm glad she doesn't hate me yet, because she should.

And still later, when I'm alive with glee and extremely happy, my roommate questions me as to why I was sad (because she had apparently been rather worried for me) and I explain that my friend was sad, so I was sad, so she goes, "You take that very personally, don't you?" so I nod my head sorowfully but I'm too happy to be sad.

On the good side of things, I was a Good Samaritan today and posted signs in Brookdale notifying everyone of the wonderous site hopstop.com. And I let someone print out Rabbi Cohen homework under my username (since hers wasn't working.)

All is joyous.


Erachet said...

Oh, good! You should have put a gummy bear on the straw of a mocktail drink like I did! XD

SJ said...

Oh dearest Chana...glad to hear all is well again. I see you too fleetingly these days to keep proper tabs on you. But I guess there's always the blog. :) Despite the fact that my cohorts and I are farther away now, feel free to invade our boxes at any time (naturally I extend an offer from the others without asking their permission, as I'm sure they grant it). And if you come I will probably have sugar for you too. Many hopes for only joyous days!

Scraps said...

I'm glad that all is once again joyous in Chana's world.

Erachet said...

Hehe, this fluctuating back and forth is perfectly normal! Last night I had something similar, though to a lesser extreme. I was happy all day, then I got frustrated by something and posted a very long blog entry (rant) about it, but then I realized it wasn't as terrible as I made it sound and edited the rant to be my last blog entry now (so...basically, about nothing. The very first thing in my blog entry, about how if you think small, you're always going to be small, is a remnant from the rant that used to be there). So...basically, yeah! I understand how you can go from happy to sad to happy! :P

Anonymous said...

So that was you who posted Hopstop? I actually commented to my friend tonight how brilliant, helpful, and commendable that was. It's one of those simple things that can just make a difference for someone. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I had a feeling you were the one who put up the hopstop sign. Being a member of the Student Life Committee, I should be condemning you for putting up signs when we have a new poster policy, but I really think it was a great idea. Yasher koach! :-)