Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Messy Room

My sister, who is wonderful and perfect and not messy at all (unlike me, who has been given various titles which we won't repeat) decided to clean my room.

She informed me that she found:

  • chanukah candles
  • a staple in your jewelry box
  • tons of change in places you won't believe
  • your old black dying slippers from ages ago
  • a pillow case snug in between your sheets
  • 2 Christmas bags (those were probably from your buddies, but they have no place in your room)
  • 2 gross unwashed cups on your desk
  • a dried up gluestick
  • a nail scissors in a cup of unsharpened pencils (in my defense, I probably had to cut something very small and forgot to return these to their proper place)
  • an I Owe You from Daddy for $2.25
  • a random dirty knob from one of your drawers probably
  • 2 sweatshirt strings that probably came out during the wash (red and navy)
  • your Hi-Q game and box (on opposite sides of the room amazingly)
  • a shirt on your chair (do I want to know if that's been sitting there for more than a week?!? answer: no, it has not)
  • *shaking in fury* the really expensive ring Daddy bought you from Israel on the FLOOR!!!! underneath your stupid labtop on the floor!!!!!!
  • tal's little blue chamishei chumshei torah book Daddy gave him
  • an unopened Harry Potter bookmark in one of your Carson's Pirie Scott boxes in your closet with one of your turtlenecks (I was neatly folding them)

It was her opinion that this would make a good post.

In my defense, I do keep my room relatively clean. I do. There's a difference between clean and messy. I am clean. I am also messy... don't worry, roommate of next year, I won't be messy at Stern, though. Really I won't. I'll be good.

On another note, my sister composed a eulogy for me over Shabbat:

"Chana was a very nice girl. She made all her friends over the Internet. When she died, nobody attended her funeral because there was no blogpost about it."

Yes. Well.

Do enjoy.


Ezzie said...

Christmas bags!?

Okay, okay. But did you at least get the $2.25? (Preferably with interest!)

Chana said...

The Christmas bags were from my adorable, sweet kindergarten buddies. They gave me Christmas presents at North Shore.

No, I did not get the $2.25.

Anonymous said...

"Chana was a very nice girl. She made all her friends over the Internet. When she died, nobody attended her funeral because there was no blogpost about it."

How touching. Your sister's got a healthy sense of humor ;-)


Anonymous said...

*takes various amounts of bows* Thank you, thank you, I did my best cleaning up her room! (LOL- for those of you who don't know, I'm Chana's little sis).
Don't worry, Anonymous 9:22, I didn't wish anything like THAT upon her! In fact, why don't you ask who really started the eulogy conversation.....*coughs coughs* But don't worry about it. I never ever joke like that. It was just a one time thing, you know?
To Anonymous 9:34, I thank you LOL! :-)

Ezzie said...

Chana, I meant you should take the IOU note now and collect. Duh. :)

Sarah Likes Green said...

i'm with you - messy is fine. messy is very different to dirty.

nice sister to clean your room!!

Larry Lennhoff said...

Of course she can't get interest on the IOU from a fellow Jew. What an idea!

Scraps said...

I understand the difference between messy and dirty. One can be clean and messy at the same time. Still, it is a funny list; I can't imagine what someone would come up with if they cleaned my room...

Anonymous said...

I am so relieved that u will be organized in our room at dorm. Look, If u made a mess on my side i am going to throw all your stuff on your bed and u'll have to sleep on the floor that night.

Anonymous said...

Wow. A sister who cleans your room for you? Enjoy.

Those eulogy conversations are so weird.

Erachet said...

1. The Eulogy was great :D Yay for dark humor!

2. I TOTALLY get you on the messy but clean thing. I'm a clean freak. My room may get messy, I may be unorganized, but I can't stand it when things are actually dirty. And I like it when people actually differentiate between "dirty" and "unorganized/messy." Because they are two completely different things. I like things to be very clean. I don't like cars with crumbs all over the place (big pet peeve of mine - when I get a car, no eating in it! Heh), I don't like silverware that the dishwasher missed a spot or two on, I don't like gross, dirty bathrooms, the list goes on and on.

So yay for messy but clean people! :D