Monday, June 25, 2007


This is insanity, but it makes for a good story.

Hey, I'm not a dumpster-diving kind of girl. But if that's your thing, we're cool. I mean, if you enjoy getting covered in smut and filth to fish out some broken lamp covered in the remnants of Saturday night's Kentucky Fried Chicken in order to save the environment, good for you.

God knows I wish I could have been there, if only to take pictures. And to meet the janitor who walked off with an iPod. That is one lucky guy.

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Anonymous said...

If only I had had more suitcase space at the end of the year--it would have been a blast to scavenge the remains of Brookdale once everyone moved out. Those rich Stern girls sure left a lot of similar (fantastic) junk! It's a good thing m.r. got a chance to go through everything--she found a perfectly-working high end ceramic hair iron and bequeathed it to me.

But yeah, I could never be a freegan. What's wrong with a shtickle capitalist spending?