Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Well of Her Heart

A story


Credits: Dream is Collapsing from "Inception"


shualah elisheva said...

overwhelmingly beautiful. one query, though: did you shift from first person to third person on purpose? if so, why?

Chana said...

shualah elisheva,

Yes. I wanted it in first person so that you could hear Lisa speaking about her father first-hand. Then the switch in the dream because I want it to be like someone looking in from the outside, and the ending also should be from Michael's perspective, and hence the focus on the third person.

shualah elisheva said...


i the piece keeping those shifts in perspective in mind. i have to say - it really works.

Shades of Gray said...

"Sticks and Stones" mentioned in the story, and other books by Miriam Adahan are worth reading, even if one is not as conflicted and confused as the protagonist :)

Here is a google link to excerpts from the book mentioned:

noam said...

After rereading I still dont know if Lisa's dad is real..

A few notations

Michael, the one she turns to, the one who understands her.
The one her touches her even though he should know that it promotes her feelings of self disgust, whom does he love more her or himself?

Is a Lisa an alter ego of somebody we know...she seems familiar...strong enough to hide her emotions but strong enough to cry.

Tania said...

Chana, I loved it. So powerful

nomi b said...

Wow, I'm completely blown away. This story touched me in a really deep way. Thank you..

Daniel Dickey said...

Great stuff!

Nechama said...

Wow. that was intense.

Did Lisa's father think she was her mother? Maybe she is conflicted from playing two roles in her life.

Can you continue this story? It would be lovely to read a (happier) sequal.

Also - you must really love the name Lisa - it is all over your writing!

Thanks for the lovely story.