Monday, August 09, 2010

The Birth of a Movie

"The Matrix" + "A Beautiful Mind" = "Inception"


Anonymous said...

Inception is a cool movie indeed!

Anonymous said...

**Don't read if you haven't watched Inception yet**

He couldn't have planted the idea in her head if it wasn't a dream that he was originally in. (Because how could it have kept spinning if HE was right and it was really reality?)

As to her not living up to the idea of her that he had in his mind and him saying she's just a shade? I think people tend to overplay things/people of the past and this shade was the true reality upon which he built his entire dream version of her.

So I'm right. ;-)

-Joseph the Dreamer

Chana said...


Your points make zero sense.

The whole point of the spinning top is that it SPINS in dreams and it TOPPLES in reality.

So of course it keeps spinning in the world she is in, because that IS a dream world. In that dream world, he implants the idea in her mind. They kill themselves via the train and wake up to the real world. There, in the real world, she kills herself again by jumping off the ledge on their anniversary night. The idea he implanted in a dream stayed with her even when she did wake up to the real world.

Re: her being a shade, it does make sense. People are very complex. It would be nearly impossible to remember a person with all their depth and complexity.

So you're wrong. And it's annoying that you think you need to have the last word.

Rabba bar bar Chana said...
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