Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Olly & Dana: The Bookcase Edition

Dana, she of the glorious body, incredible compassion, crazy kindness, and amazing can-do-it-ness, built me a bookcase today. You see, Dana is the sort of person you want to be stranded on a desert island with. She's capable, efficient, hilarious, and her sense of humor makes sure you always feel at ease. She's lived life and dealt with everything that it's sent her way and somehow has managed to come out on top. She's humble, clever, and loves to learn. A dedicated Jew who served in the IDF, plays streetball with the guys and takes no s--t from anybody, she is fun, tough, and the kind of person you definitely want to have in your court. I generally feel like I've died and gone to heaven when I wake up in the morning and realize I have the privilege to be living with Dana.

Here's the bookcase:

Dana, I freaking love you. Thank you for being utterly fabulous and giving up your morning to screw pegs into sideboards and hammer cardboard backings into walls and otherwise totally rock.


Gavi said...

Be careful - by showing a picture of your bookcase, you invite comments as to its contents... So let me start off by complimenting your taste in Hebrew chumashim (mikra'ot gedolot is the way to go, even though I prefer the Hama'or edition over Berman).

However, I must suggest that you use the Koren Jerusalem Bible for English. While the JPS text is beautiful, it is not as strictly literal as the Jerusalem Bible.

Of course, the best is to read in the original...

Ari said...

Glad you have helpful roommates!
Nice little bookcase!