Wednesday, May 11, 2011

White Swan in Combat Boots

I absolutely love this picture:

It's of Christina Perri in her music video for "Jar of Hearts."

White Swan dress + black combat boots= me.

Lace & heavy metal always go well together. In short, I was always meant to be an Emo Princess; I just missed out on getting to go to a public high school. But this is totally how I would have showed up to the prom. Touch-me fragile, delicate whispery lace and don't-you-dare-mess boots. Because that's who I am. Fragility in steel.

At least that's what my swains always used to tell me; for some reason the metaphors always had something to do with metals of various types, iron or steel being the metal of choice. It probably has something to do with the glitter of sunlight as you pull out the sword to do battle.

Onward we plunge into everlasting duels. God is a difficult opponent but hey, at least He's a worthy one. And all this fencing ought to do well for me one day.

"It took so long just to feel alright
Remember how to put back the light in my eyes
And now you're back
You don't get to get me back"

Story of a girl, story of my life, story that's constantly being written. I've gotten up more times than most people have been kicked down. That's the way this world works: you've got to be tough to deal and you've got to be sensitive to care. That's the recipe for being the goddess of awesome. Which, by the way, I am, unapologetically. I've earned it.


Scales said...

Does Heshy help you into the boots?

Rachelli Dreyfuss said...

It's a great personality to have... tough and sweet...
i always wanted to be emo... even had the dyed hair for it..

One of Those Anonymous People said...

That's the recipe for being the goddess of awesome. Which, by the way, I am, unapologetically. I've earned it.

... Aaaand I stop reading this blog.

Chana said...



Well, in that case this blog was never for you in the first place because I make no pretense regarding who I am. May you be blessed never to have to deal w/ the things I have.

One of Those Anonymous People said...

Many people have difficult lives. Most of them don't need to react to their troubles with megalomania.

But whatever gets you through it, I suppose.

Chana said...


Why are you still reading the blog? You don't have a lot of resolve, I see.

One of Those Anonymous People said...

Does reading comments for follow-up responses count as reading the blog? Darn. Sorry to disappoint you, then.

Anonymous said...

I am a fan but it seems a bit much to present yourself as one who has had problems no one else has had to encounter. From your tellings- you have a good marriage, a wonderful family, and oodles of other good things. Unless there is something we don't know about a troublesome high school experience does not seem to put you into the troubled life category.

Anonymous said...

@ one of those anonymous ppl

I think it sounds more like self confidence than megalomania.

Tzipporah said...

you gotta know I love this post.

I'm all about the angst. You have twice as much as an adult as you do as a teen. That's the reality. Most people just getting better at hiding it, pretending it doesn't exist. not me! Or... at least not the blogger "me".