Sunday, May 29, 2011

Corti's Meme

I wish I could…solve people's problems and decrease the amount of pain there is in this world. Or in the words of the immortal Edgar Allan Poe, I wish I could save every grain of sand.

My biggest fear is…pain. I hate pain, and the idea of dying in an especially painful way worries me. I'm also afraid of losing control of my mental faculties, like in Alzheimers or early onset dementia.

I hate to…do chores. It depends on the chore, of course, and I'll still do them; it's just that there's not much imagination that goes into chores.

I love…my husband Heshy, my family, children (especially random ones that I meet on the subway who look at me adorably and wonder about me while licking their ice-cream pops), reading, writing and feeling alive.

Today I will…attend a party.

Yesterday I…was in Monsey for Shabbat and really enjoyed the rolling verdant greenery and hills.

My hair is…light brown, golden in sunlight.

I will never…sacrifice my morals, principles, values or integrity for the sake of getting ahead, please God.


Erachet said...

it's just that there's not much imagination that goes into chores.

Have you ever read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle?

Jewish Atheist said...

Try doing chores "mindfully" (i.e. with the kind of mindfulness that one learns with mindfulness meditation.) It makes them kinda great.

corti said...

*clap clap* You did it! Haha, the light brown hair suits my impression of you.

Btw I clicked on your link to figure out what you meant by saving every grain of sand and saw that the poem's called a "Dream within a Dream." Is that a known inspiration for Inception?