Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Epileptic Peat

Today I was coming home from work and detoured to Times Square 42nd Street Station. There I saw a man in a gorilla mask playing the electric guitar accompanied by tunes that he had recorded and manipulated with his foot. I stopped, totally entranced and listened for a good 10 minutes. I wasn't the only one. There was something in this man's music- his strange ability to combine so many genres- that was deeply appealing.

I bought his CD. His name is Peat. He goes by the name Epileptic Peat. His CD is called "The Minstrel and the Shill" and it's a strangely beautiful mixture of guitar, drums, cello, violin, piano, bagpipes, banjo and the glockenspiegel. To me it seems reflective of many different parts of my nature. The album is also beautifully designed/ is rather artistic, courtesy of Luke Rains (www.caspianisdead.com).

In short, it appeals to me...and it's amazing to me that each track is able to touch on so many emotions. This is like the tune the Pied Piper played to ensure the children would be captivated by him.

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Nelly said...

Amazing! The love you have for your husband is amazing. He is blessed :-)