Saturday, March 20, 2010

Death of a Butterfly

Butterflies by the thousands fluttered maniacally before the headlights then exploded like tiny half-angels on the windshield leaving a scant yellow paint and the dust of broken wings as a final signature. The further into the journey Bull went, the harder it became for him to see through the windshield that was stained with the prints of so many inconsequential deaths.

~The Great Santini by Pat Conroy, page 36


Dune said...

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Anonymous said...

very worthwhile but a different jonathan sacks . if it's the chief rabbi you want ,try

Benjamin E. said...

Pat Conroy is one of my favorite authors by far. The sentences he creates are just stunning - I don't know that I've ever read anyone who can mold and form and use words the way he does, who can put them together to provoke any emotion, any response, create any image. I know when I read him, I often stop after reading sentences and marvel at how incredible the last set of 20 words strung together was. Anyway - beautiful quotation.