Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yair Has Been Published!

My beloved friend Yair of "Yair's List of Torah Links" fame, has been PUBLISHED in a freaking journal! He is a freaking celebrity! He is also amazingly talented and crazy brilliant and I am so goddamned happy for him! This is the best piece of news I have had all day because a) today has been miserable b) this is FANTASTIC NEWS.

Mazal Tov, Yair! May this be the first of many wonderful publications and may I be blessed to live to attend all your award dinners! And may you only go from strength to strength and continue on to be happy always.

Yair has been published in HaDor, formerly known as HaDoar. Check it out! Apparently you can pick it up in your local Hebrew bookstore, since it is published nationwide.

How lucky I am to have such wonderfully brilliant friends!


Uri said...

Mazal tov to your friend!

Why was your day so miserable?

Anonymous said...

How lucky I am to have such wonderfully brilliant friends!
I'm sure you are and I'm sure they have other great characteritics as well. As one who when younger and less wise worshipped at the altars of brilliance and beauty I offer you the following, IMHO look for sincerity first, second and third.
Joel Rich

Ezzie said...

Yair - Mazel Tov. :)

Benny said...

Joel, can I bring you to speak at a certain upcoming event?

Anonymous said...

Huh? (pretty articulate aren't I?)
email me offline if you want to talk audioroundup613@comcast.net
Joel Rich

Anonymous said...

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Columbia Student said...

Mazel Tov Yair!!

I have heard only amazing things about you. I will definitely try to get the journal and read it.