Saturday, April 25, 2009

And Thus We Triumph

There is a contest at Stern College for a creative writing award. One submits a story, essay, or poem without one's name. Someone collects all of them, and then assembles them before the judging panel, who chooses the winner(s). It is obviously completely based on the submission, because the texts are submitted without names. I found out just before Shabbat that I won the award. It was for a story I've never showed any of you. In any case, you can be proud of me.

I also want to congratulate Estee Goldschmidt on her amazing mastery of different ideas and the shiur she presented to us over Shabbat. It was very beautiful and creative. Mazal Tov, Estee, and may you go on to present many more shiurim and wonderful chaburot. I will tell you a secret. I have never officially given any shiurim (divrei torah, yes, a shiur, no, except maybe to NCSYers.) In this you have surpassed me, and I am very happy for you.

And now I want to acknowledge one of the lovely children who never fails to make me happy. She is almost 7 years old. She was at the Shabbaton today. We will call her Violet. We were speaking about many things, and one of the things we spoke about was the following:

Violet: It was a very sad letter.
Me: Why was it so sad?
Violet: It was a very sad letter because it said her brother died.
Me: Do you know what it means when somebody dies?
Violet: Not exactly.
Me: Do you want to know what it means?
Violet: Hashem misses them.
[I pause to assess this answer, which strikes me as beautiful.]
Me: Yes, Hashem misses them, and He takes them to Him. But we are sad, because we miss them, too. Do you know anyone who died?
Violet: Not so much.

I love Violet. If only I were surrounded by children all the time, I think I would be happy.


rashi said...

thank you Chana, may we be zocheh to hear many more wonderful chaburot as well. Your insight is a constant source of inspiration

Aaron said...

Chana,mazal tov!
When will you post the sory here? Looking forward to reading it.

Baruch said...

Mazel tov Chana!
I love your stories and hope you post the one that got you the award for your readers to enjoy.

AK said...

Chana,I'm proud of you!
Mazel tov!
Now I'm really curios about the story that set your writing apart from other contestants.Will you post it here?

Toviah said...

Mazal Tov! Not a suprise at all though :)

YU student said...

Mazel tov on your award, Chana!

Well, I don't know what your plans are as far as life after undergrad goes,but if you truly want to work with children,you might want to consider early childhood education. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising. What are your plans for after college? Journalism? English?