Friday, April 24, 2009

Smoking Adventures

It's one of my most cherished beliefs that everyone has something beautiful in them; the only question is whether or not I am able to perceive it.

Last night I went to Duane Reade to purchase milk, and while waiting in line, I heard the following conversation taking place behind me.

MAN: When will you give up smoking?
LADY: I'm not going to give it up.
MAN: It's a bad habit.
LADY: You know, if you say that one more time...
MAN: (leading voice) Yes?
LADY: I'll start poking you!
(Insert me trying to stifle giggles)
MAN: Aha...
(They move to the front of the line, by the register)
LADY: Wha-what happened? (She is looking at the Duane Reade that has absolutely NO cigarettes, no Marlboros, nothing...just signs...)
DUANE READE LADY: Sorry, ma'am; we're all out...
LADY: Where can I get - ?
DUANE READE LADY: There's a corner-shop over at ______.
LADY: (turns on her heel, walking out of the shop, to her boyfriend) That's so weird!
MAN: Maybe it's a sign.
LADY: Sign, my a**.
MAN: Really, maybe this means you should...

And off walked the man and the lady (she of the blonde tresses in a red coat, and he of the nicely combed brown hair and suit) into the night.

What I thought was sweet about this conversation:

A) The man cares about the lady and wants her to be healthy, hence his insistence despite her desire for him to stop
B) Her threat to *poke* him!

Human beings are really wonderful.


an old friend said...

Three things:

*-you are wonderful for noticing the good things in people;
* the lady you described will have tough times ahead,for cigarette smoking causes irreversable damage even years after smokers quit;
* you are adorable when you giggle

Chana said...

Hello Old Friend! You just made my day. Thank you so much!

It's nice to see you are back again. You pop up intermittently but I haven't heard from you in months!

Regarding cigarette smoke: Oh, I know, but I hope not even so. She is a very pretty lady, you see, and besides, her boyfriend likes her, so hopefully she'll be passed over.

Where do you know me from, again? Chicago? (Really, I just want to know when you have ever seen me laugh ;) )

an old friend said...

Chana,I'm one f your former classmates.
I read your blog for years now,as do many others from HS.
Let me assure you that I'd seen you laugh,giggle,pull shtick and dance a plenty. I'm waiting for the day when you'll get your PhD in English, create a school where things will be taught right,and where students will be respected no matter which branch of Yiddishket they are from.
You'll do great things! I have faith in you,o clever Enchantress!