Sunday, June 29, 2008

fiery darkness

welcome to the darkness.

there is a world there, beyond the world we know, and it is filled with fire. dripping flame that is placed together like a goldsmith's necklace, intricate and interlocking, a beautiful and fantastical image, replete with the beauty that one would find in charms, animals with horns or small hooves or dazzling feet, and the fire shows up against the darkness.

and one looks at the fire and is amazed by its grandeur, the majesty and awe with which it fills the world. one looks at the fire and sees his face reflected in the fire, crowned with thorns, and one sees that the thorns are only partially consumed, for it is the fire of the burning bush which is reflected in one's very face- the light that one throws off from one's skin, the light that consumes but does not consume.

it is this that terrifies people, this light that has the aura and the radiance of that which burns but does not burn.

but it is not the fire that truly consumes people; it is the darkness that lies beyond it. there, for ages and ages, in an unquenchable mass of beautiful darkness, unlit by constellation or desire, there exists a velvet darkness such as could not be imagined, a darkness that seduces, a darkness into which one walks and from which one cannot emerge.

i have never been acquainted with this darkness
until now.


Anonymous said...

All it takes to go מאפלה לאורה is one spark. Just one. It's the prolonged quest for this spark that makes the darkness seem eternally consuming. Once the spark is found it will, in turn, consume the darkness, leaving but a faint memory of the penetrating void that filled the hearts of those who suffered.


Anonymous said...

Whatever it is that's upsetting you-get out of it!
Spend time with friends and family.
What's gotten into you?

Anonymous said...

Chana,I read all of your articles in The Forward thus far. Good going!
So what's all this sulking all about here? Snap out of it!
Get yourself some hot coco and chocolate chip cookies and celebrate style!

Anonymous said...

welcome to darkness.

with all the beauty of knowledge, knowledge has it's faults.

innocence is forever lost, life will never be the same.

welcome to the other side.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:36,
your comment is so warped!

Anonymous said...

Light, with all it's brightness and glory, the more light, the greater the sensorial perception. But it's superficial. Our senses deceive us, they fall for illusions, they fill in the unknown with a created imagination. It's colorful, but is it true?

Darken the light, halt the senses, approach as do the blind. Learn to see by hearing, learn to see by feeling, but most of all, learn to understand by thinking. Let the mind grasp, without the of the distractions of the light, without the distraction of the unmatured senses.

In darkness is where the mind can dig, probe and uncover. Our senses can only grasp the outer shell, it's only our minds that can crack the essence.

But there lies the danger, once there is true understanding, there can be no air-brushing, no denying, the truth will no longer yield to our desire to alter. Truth realized through the mind, will no longer allow itself to be diluted with imagination.

All naivete is lost, you've just tasted the forbidden fruit, and there is no turning back.

Anonymous said...

Olivia,the following poem reminded me so much of you and the stuff you enjoy so much:

by D
Bright sunshine bounds all about
Flowers dance, even shout
True to its name Sunday
This day, happiness comes my way

The birds were up, just before five
Not far behind, the sun arrives
Wind chimes dance, a gentle breeze
Their echo lingers in the trees

Coffee’s brewing, calling my name
In bed I lay, what a shame
This day’s a beauty
Get out of bed, it’s my duty

All the work to be done
Today’s for living, having fun
I tell myself save your guilt
Get some sun, or you’ll wilt

This sunny Sunday, the start of June
This day, this month, I attune
My soul, its garden, flowers bright
This day I’ll live without a fight.

Have a great day and write some fun articles at work!

Anonymous said...

The sun always sets for half the day, but will you embrace the darkness, or hide in bed and try to sleep it away?

The stars shine at night.

Anonymous said...

man thats true
the light causes a glare

in the shade we can dare

to see